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[GUIDE] The RoI Screenshot Thread!

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Since there wasn't any threads solely based for screenshots/pictures, i decided to make one.

Because 1 picture tells more that 1000 words, it can be about anything in the games content. It can be fast paced picture of you soaring through the air with your Golden Laiku, you soloing Legendary 5 (heh, i'd like to see that loot picture) or you finally reaching that glorious level 60 that everyone adores. Or it can be about you casually sitting in front of Transit Shrine without clothes, you finding a bug from the game (no not those, i got banned from it) or you kneeling in front of the king. Or just a random picture of you afking in front of the Auction Master with pet out.

Anyways. "How to take a screenshot/picture?" may you ask.
Well, it's (kind of) simple:
First, you need the picture you want to use. This is how to take them, find them and use them.

For Steam

How to take
First, you only have to press your screenshot button, and it will automatically save it to the games screenshot folder.
And to set the screenshot button/folder, go to "Steam" in the top-left corner, then "Settings", then "In-Game" and there is the "Screenshot shortcut key". You also have to enable the "Enable Steam Overlay while in-game". You can bind any key to it you want, but i'd recommend a button that you don't usually use, but is easily accessible.

How to find
The Steam screenshots are saved to the "Screenshot Folder" folder.
I recommend you to set it to folder you know well, otherwise the default saving location is this:

For Nexon Launcher

How to take
Pressing the "PrtScr" button in the top row of your keyboard takes a screenshot, and saves it to the destination in the chat window.

How to find
The default save location is (C:)->Users->[name]->(my) Documents->ICARUS->USER->ScreenShots
another path here, credits to Mystic

How to upload

I've done that, but how i can upload the picture to the forums? you ask.
That is (kind of) simple too. You go the picture hosting site you love, for the example, there are ImageShack, Imgur, Photobucket, TinyPic etc.
You may need to register to some of them.

Now here is Imgur as example, easy & fast to use.
After you've got to the site, you find the lovely "Upload" button after searching it for 3 straight hours. You press it, and the some kind of "Select File" screen.

Then you search the file you want and pick/drag&drop it, and ta-da, it's uploaded to the site.

Now you think "What i should do now?". Answer is, there should be some kind of list of "Share this photo" with tons of different links.

Now it gets little bit tricky. With this forum, you need to take the "Direct Link" that has only the "www.website.com/picture.jpg" part. Then you press the third-right button from the top row above the message, or the image button and paste the picture URL to there. And now, it should be in the thread, like all these pictures.

But now, lets also remember the Forum Code of Honor with the picture posting.
So at least no inappropriate pictures, or pictures of other player without their permission, or pictures from unoffical servers or pictures of the Asian RoI since it can't be confirmed that those things are going to be added to the game and it may cause confusion among the playerbase.
Lets just keep this thread to the screenshots + possible contexts, but if you have a question, just PM me or comment here with [QUESTION]: tag :)

Lets make this thread active and great, and for the beginning, here is a picture of an Eggplant!

And here is a picture of 20 min after the launch of Exarahn Badlands


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    "A pictures says more than 1000 words?"
    *cough* Caught Crow and my Priest flirting after a mission...
    image Cadaka isn't happy about this ... ;)