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False Ban. Is there anyway I can get help quicker?


  • Godhero83Godhero83
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    edited September 30, 2016
    Omg, I d/c earlier today from afk lvling mount in game and now account banned. This is really annoying, Nexon need to get their thing straight with this false ban that is still going on. I do not have the patients to wait for days just to get a response :(
  • ArynRipleyArynRipley
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    edited October 3, 2016
    Wanted to log in this morning after the horrible bugged Rift-Event on Velzeroth yesterday - nice instand-dead bug when you respawn - and just planned on doing my dailies and what greeted me: a 30313 day ban!
    That one day before Rift starts and I just managed to get into an Alliance ... great ... really great!
  • QueenAkashaQueenAkasha
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    edited December 2, 2016
    I was doing a dungeon today and got banned for no reason. i have been playing mmorpg's for 15+ years and have never broke TOS policies. But. i buy a 120 day Premium. and have like 13k more nx. and my account gets banned a few days later... Im not sure whats up. but im no RMT/hacker/exploiter
  • OmnithreatOmnithreat
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    edited December 2, 2016
    @QueenAkasha You can visit this link here to submit a ticket to Customer Support: https://support-icarus.nexon.net/hc/en-us They can review your case and take appropriate action.

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