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We are known as the Valdyr Consortium. We are a mature guild on the Server of Kalas. We are recruiting!
We are a new guild, so we are looking for people who are willing to help us grow. Eventually we hope to have enough people to be able to run weekly raids or dungeons. At the moment we are focused on PvE, but welcome anyone with an interest in PvP as well, and are open to the idea of engaging in PvP if there is enough interest.
If you would like to join a friendly community willing to help each other out, please consider joining!

All are welcome, We hope to see you there!

If interested in joining our guild and/or community, or have any questions. Please use any of the following methods:
Message me or post a reply on this forum
PM or mail Miamuae or Padraig in game.

Currently Recruiting: all classes, no level restrictions