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Do You Get a False Ban? There is 1 Advice/Tip!

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edited August 24, 2016 in Tech Support
Hi,do you ever play on BlueStackApp Player For Android,while Riders Of Icarus still open ?
If the reponse is yes,well you got a perma-ban,why ?
Dont tell me why,this is Nexon guys,actually they releated this as suspicious activity,if you a send ticket you need to wait untils tuesday when the GM's for bans appeals are online,to unlock your account,how do i know this ?
Well,me to i got banned just 5 days ago and yesterday got back my account,the thing that make me laugh for an entire hour was this,rather than apologize to me they said "Normally, these types of locks are permanent but, after reviewing this account's history, the admins have decided to show leniency and provide this account with another chance"
Please Nexon next time when you ban someone make an accurate control and not with your eyes close,i hope an Administratr will see this post and report to the Dev's ^^ @CuddleWings