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[NA - Hakain] Looking for PvP Guild

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35 Zerker. Trying to decide how to gear for PvP, been reading a lot lately, not a lot of info on the subject outside of the 1% PvP bonuses you get outside of regular PvE gear.
I'm looking for a larger, friendly, helpful PvP guild that's willing to lend a hand to a fellow rider get his feet wet in Exarahn Badlands. My experience thusfar, guildless, joining the Militia, I don't seem to get much accomplished as I'm usually killed in a single shot by a flying Wizard.
I'm looking for a group for a "safety in numbers" to actually accomplish stuff on this map.
Thanks for taking time to read and hit me up in game "Varthdaver" or leave me a message in this post if interested in taking me in.