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Shurima is recruiting new Sand warriors!

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Shurima the lvl2 empire is recruiting players lvl35

About Shurima:

-The name Shurima is from the game called "League of Legends" , however our Guild has nothing to do with that game!

More about shurima:


About us:

Our goal is to farm Worldbosses and help each other grow stronger. You can never know when you are going to need help yourself ;). However our guild is not supporting PvP yet since we are no match against Empire and WingsOfWar ( Top tier PvP guilds ), but that doesn't mean that there wont be any events, where we group up for pvp and have some fun!

Guild Chat:

-Only English is allowed in guild chat.
-You can write whatever you want as long as you are respecting others and not spamming.

Contact us:

-Contact any of us if you want to join shurima's empire! (ingame name's :iasgiufh ,Texren) atm there is only one officer.

-EU server: Koroshimo