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[Gear] Berserker Equipment Build

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So, I wanted to start a new thread cause I couldnt find one. This thread will be about equipment, or at least the best equipment in the game so far. Later on I'll try to update it.
What I'm going to write now is based on what I've experienced so far. Please correct me when something is wrong in here.. that means round about everything? Let's get started.

Stat Importance:

-Physical Attack[+]
-Evasion Power[-]
-Magic Attack[-]
-Magic Defense[~]
-Physical Defense[~]
-Phys. Crit. Rate[~]

Helm > Blessed Frost Command Brutal Helm
Shoulders > Blessed Frost Command Brutal Pauldron
Armor > Blessed Frost Command Brutal Heavy Armor [actually the best is the Corrupt Brutal Heavy Armor, but to fit the other equip I wouldnt prefer this one]
Gloves > Blessed Frost Command Brutal Gloves
Shoes > Blessed Frost Command Brutal Boots

Necklace and Rings > Knight Errant Necklace, Hakanas Hero Ring and as 2nd ring one that got good stats, it actually doesnt matter which one > your decision

Greatswort > Blessed Protector [Icy, Golden, Fiery] Greatsword
Crossbow > Blessed Protector Golden Crossbow
Spear > Ashuram's Glave

Don't forget to watch the quality! Higher quality obviously grants more DPS on the weapons and more armor on the other equip.

That should be it. Please let me know everything that is wrong so I can keep updating this thread.
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  • hjkhjk
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    Well that's pretty much basic things to know :P But for necklace, you should take a full %phys atk, knight errant necklace is just for beginners. But in general, ye that's true.
  • SóAceitaaSóAceitaa
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    edited September 8, 2016
    I stopped at the "constitution useless"
    edit: and dex are "good".
  • YatsusYatsus
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    edited September 8, 2016
    Dex good, constitution useless
    Saying to get latest items no matter the stats..
  • AlleyanaaaAlleyanaaa
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    edited October 25, 2016
    dex isnt as good as cons.....
    also physical crit is really needed for zerk as now in breach we need crits for the destabalize anyways so it really does matter.
  • GoliathGoliath
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    edited November 3, 2016
    -Physical Attack[+] phys attack %(+++++++)
    -Evasion Power[-]
    -Magic Attack[-]
    -Magic Defense[-
    -Physical Defense[-]
    -Phys. Crit. Rate[+]

    Redid list has to what i prioritize , ! is tiddle , too lazy to find it on this pos keyboard :P