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[NA] KALAS - NeverNights is recruiting!~

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NeverNights welcomes you!

What are we?
NeverNights is a new, active, and friendly guild focusing mostly on PvE, Taming, Dungeon running, and RP. We have every intent to become a strong guild, despite being casual.

Is there a level requirement?
Absolutely not, you can be any level to join NeverNights.

Do we have Discord?
Yes, of which can be accessed via the guild description in-game! You need to use Discord at least once to post your character's class and timezone in the proper chat, and you'll need it to attend guild meetings.

Are there any rules that you need to be aware of?
Obviously! A guild with no rules, why, it's hardly a guild at all.

1. Be respectful to your fellow members.

2. Help your fellow members in leveling so the guild can become as strong as it can be.

3. If you decide to RP, then be mature about it. Keep it at least PG-13.

4. Members who are inactive for an unreasonable amount of time will be kicked.

5. Do not steal elite or common mounts from others. If it is rightfully their tame, then let them tame it.

6. Level up as often as you can. We don't mind the casual approach, but being at level 10 for more than a week shows you aren't even trying.

7. Only the Demon King(Guild Leader) and a Demon Lord(Second in command) are permitted to promote and kick members.

8. Have fun.

What is RP?
RP stands for roleplaying. It's just like acting. Think of it as writing a story with other people. In this story, you play as your character, and they play as their characters. This is not mandatory.

What are the ranks?
Tier 1
The Demon King - The Guild Leader. This person holds absolute authority in the guild.
Demon Lord - The second in command. There can be multiple demon lords, and they are considered advisors to the king.
Tier 2
Bringer of Chaos - Those who have proven themselves worthy of this rank are at the maximum level with the best gear available. They are truly bringers of chaos.
Tier 3
All members of this tier hold the same amount of power. There are different ranks for different classes. They are all officers and are more respected than normal Acolytes. They do all of the moderation of the guild, and report inactivities to the Demon King/Demon Lords. They are also expected to be a lot more active than other members.
Bloodbender - Priest
Shadowbringer - Wizard
Darkling - Assassin
Dehkrone - Berserker
Kyde - Guardian
Tier 4
Acolyte - A rank given almost no respect. They are almost cannon fodder. Well, almost. They are still to be cared for by the guild. They are expected to be active and to work hard, and eventually rank up to an officer rank.

How to rank up!
I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I have to like you. Especially if you want a rank like Demon Lord. However, I'm a bit less biased on members becoming officers. Becoming a Bringer of Chaos is the only rank of which I do not have to personally like you. You can achieve it when you get top gear with the best possible seals and you are at max level.

Recruitment Form
Character name:
Age(Optional) :
"Here I pledge to night." - Hell ye.

Note: If you want to join by whispering me in-game, whisper Vaite. I will be on from around 4:00PM to 8:00PM(During school days) EST.
**Check this often, as it may be changed over time.