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[GUIDE] Action Mode Targeting Control

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When playing Riders of Icarus, there are two control method for targeting enemies: Standard Mode and Action Mode. Standard Mode is your classic MMO tab-targeting, while Action Mode places a reticle in the middle of the Rider’s screen which can be used to target enemies.


How Do I Select My Mode of Play?

When creating a character, Riders will have a choice as to which mode of play they’d like to use. We recommend that Priest and Mage characters use Standard Mode; we recommend Warrior, Guardian, and Assassin characters use Action Mode.


At any time, Riders can change their mode of play by hitting ESC or clicking the System gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, then clicking the Settings button.
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Riders can then go to the Game tab, then the Control Mode section. The choices are Standard or Action. If Riders choose Action, they can then select Lock-on Mode on or off.


Lock-on Mode - What Does it Do?

If a Rider selects Action Mode and checks the Lock-on Mode box, then they will be able to use the reticle to target enemies when they have no enemy selected. Riders will then need to hit the TAB key in order to change targets while targeting an enemy. Riders will essentially be “locked on” to their initial target.

If a Rider leaves the Lock-on Mode box unchecked, then they will be able to select their target with the reticle and can change targets by moving the reticle over their new target, even if that target is not currently engaged in combat.

Has Anything Else Changed?

To properly support this feature, the following skills now do “area of effect” damage. This change ensures that these classes can attack properly even with Lock-on Mode turned off.
- Basic Attack and Double Slash for Guardian
- Basic Attack and Flash Cut for Assassin

What about Combo and Linked Skills?

During attacks with combo skill and linked skill, the target will remain locked regardless of the Lock-on Mode setting, due to the quick bursts of these attacks when using these skills.

What Should I Play?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Riders should select a mode of play that best suits them. We recommend that Action Mode fans try the mode with Lock-on Mode turned off as that provides a more active combat experience. By checking the box, Riders are free to return to the previous Action Mode style of play if they prefer it.
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