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Talents Question for Level 45 (upcoming)

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Hi there,

I just sat there and stared at the talents possibilities when we get the new Level Cap soon.
As I am not interested in pvp and the higher frost talents do pvp stuff, I took them out of the equation. So those two categories are left:

In 45 we can go with one of them to the 5th skill.
Interesting is, that the talents of level 40 and 45 affect ALL skills. They no longer have a list of applied skills attached.

Fire category gives me
+15% damage on the main fire skills (first talent)
-20% cooldown on them (second talent)
-15% cast time (third talent)
+20% magic attack (fourth)
+50% magical attack power PLUS +20% movement speed (fifth)
and a total of +90 int for synergy.
Keep in mind if I activate the sixth talent, the synergy will jump up to +480(!!!!) int.

"Verbundenheit" (sorry for german name, dunno how its called in english) gives me
-10% cast time on light spells (first)
-20% cooldown on them (second)
a bit mana recovery (third) - this is the most unattractive imho
+20% damage of my skills PLUS +20 increased magical defense (fourth)
+100%(!!) magical attack power PLUS +300 defense against critical hits (fifth)
+40 constitution, which is with 26hp per const for the wiz a total of over 1000 hitpoints
Keep in mind if I activate the sixth talent, the synergy will jump up to +120(!!!!) const, which is more than 3k hp.

So what to do...
Do you think, my interpretation is right, if I say "fire is the damage hero" and verbundenheit is "the mage who can do almost everything solo" due to the extremely high defense and hitpoints values, but with a little less damage? Or will the very high damage of fire compensate the missing hp?

How should i put my talents for level 45, with a total of 6 available talent slots in lvl 45?
4+2? (4 fire)
5 fire and one... doesnt matter?
or all consti?

Oppinions and thoughts welcome!

Cheers H
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    2. Ice ice Baby... dumdududumdududum... ice ice baby
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    3. and you do the walk.... the walk of life...
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