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Velzeroth [EN] Ascensores Recruiting

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Hello all!
I hope you're well. My name is Whispers (or AdrianTheNimble or TwinkleDeath) and I am the guild leader of the level three guild Ascensores. For those that don't know their Latin, Ascensores means "Riders".
We are an English speaking guild, however, our members are from all over Europe, with English not being their first language. We all are at various levels in the game, but the most important factor for us, is that everyone is active and sociable. We often run dungeons together, fight bosses and tame heroics. We work together as a team and class each other as friends. Our members are encouraged to help each other out with gear, advice, levelling etc.

We have a few spaces left in our guild, and we've got spaces for assassins, beserkers and priests, although we will consider other classes if you feel you'd fit in with our guild. Currently we are not accepting any more guardians.

If you wish to join our guild, leave a comment here or submit an application on our website: click HERE

I look forward to meeting you all!