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Looking for a Guild-NA Baellas!

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Hi guys, I'm Drachesoul, and long story short, I'm looking for a guild to call home on the Baellas server. Real life smacked me in the face, causing me to be offline for several months, so in my return I'm looking for a guild that doesn't have super strict activity requirements.

A little about me:

I main a zerker called Fenris, and before my untimely break from Icarus, he took part in the world-first down of everyone's favorite giant blue fish-killer Attaius. I also have a baby Wizard named Hawke and he's currently my backup class. And yes, I am Bioware Trash. As a player, I've been in many guilds across MMOs that have focused on progression and high-level content, but I also enjoy downtime where I just explore the world and freak out over all the adorable things I can tame.

Anyway, I hope some people see this, and I look forward to maybe meeting some people? I'll make cookies for my new guild. I'll end with this: Here, have a corgi on a swing!