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Looking for English NA guild

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I'm new, going to be playing a wizard or Zerker. Still choosing a server so feel free to post from all servers.

Little about myself

I have 12 years of MMORPG guild/clan leadership
7 years of officer experience.
10 years of endgame on the following games (years range)

World of Warcraft - 12 years
Runescape - 10 years
Destiny - 1 year
Atlantica Online - 5 years
Diablo 3 - 3 years

Will add more soon as I need to get into my appointment.

Names Deathdomain, name will be something along those lines on a server. Or something with reaper in it. I'll be new to Riders of Icarus so if I get excited over getting my first Dragon just tell me to calm down lol I loves dragons lol

Age: 25 years old


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    If you haven't chosen a server yet, I'm still looking for people to play with on Hakain. My name is Evalean and I recently started a guild. I also have my own discord server.