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EMPIRE Recruiting! Koroshimo Server

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The Empire Alliance was formed from the guilds Ronin, RagingPotatoes and Imperium with the goal to work hard as one guild nearly from the beggining and become one of the top alliances on the server. Together, the leaders, officers and members put a huge amount of time and effort into achieving this goal, which is making us stronger each day.

Empire is looking for strong and active players on Koroshimo servers to fill up the places we created for new promising members!

What class are we looking for?

We are looking mostly for:

But we will also accept strong and active wizards/priests if they are better than expected to be!

What can we offer?
- Very active and good humoristic/serious community
- Running a lot of dungeons
- Doing a lot of world bosses
- Strong and Experienced leadership
- Tips to improve yourself
And many more!

- Decent gear, more information can be provided on PM in-game ( Burzakonis ) or forums.
- Activity
- Willing to communicate with the alliance through chat and discord
- Discord
- Willing to join Alliance events and raids
- Help others if possible
- Sense of Humor
- Understading of English Language

If you're interested, please PM me in game or in forums. If you have any questions, you can pop them up here.
Make sure to keep the chat clean of hates, you can bring them up on PM too, I am more than willing to participate in drama and give some hate back.

Slacker God Burzakonis.