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1v1 Wizard Tournament

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Starting a 1v1 Wizard tournament on NA - Baellas server. Hoping to get at least 16 applicants. Rewards for 1st 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Each individual top 3 finishers will receive an item from September lucky boxes + 500/250/100 gold respectively. Items TBD based how many people compete. For now if we get 32 people (max size), 1st will be Radesh + 500G. if we only get to 16 (minimum for tourny to commence), first will be Familiar Full Growth Box + 500G. I have all the rules and details available and ask anyone interested to please email me at HardNipsROI@gmail.com stating your IGN (in game name) and also what day/time would be the most convenient for you in the upcoming week. I would like to get this started on Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week and hope we get a good turnout. Also, any input or ideas to help make everything more enjoyable or efficient are appreciated after reading the document I will reply to you with once you email me.

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