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new to the game

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im new to the game, and looking for a guild to help me get to end game and taming familiars in Hakain server


  • OctoberStormOctoberStorm
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    Welcome to the game! I don't know of any guilds in that server but I hope you find a good guild family! Welcome to Riders! <3
  • SydolinEmunaSydolinEmuna
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    I dunno which server are u in but we are recruiting any lvl at EU Akaldus, as LUNATIC guild or with our ally name RidersAscending. PM me in game SydolinEmuna ,RoyaLuna or x2Trouble.
  • MaizbluMaizblu
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    Hey there dude, I just started playing about a week ago but I'm starting to get the hang of things now and I'm learning as I go along. If you're interested in playing with me I have a level 25 assassin on Hakain and my name is Evalean. I also have a guild and my own discord server.