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Marketplace Rules

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The Riders of Icarus Marketplace is now available to all Riders. Here you will be able to create and make transactions with the rest of the community with any tradable items available in-game.

These are the rules and basic guidelines on how to make use of the marketplace:

[STEP 1] On thread title, identify the type of deal you are making:
- WTS (want to sell)
- WTB (want to buy)
- WTT (want to trade)
- WTX (multiple options, see above)

[STEP 2] Once the transaction has been completed tag a moderator to close the thread.

All transactions that occur on the Marketplace are between all parties involved and not Nexon. Nexon is not responsible for any transaction that takes place on the Marketplace. Listings that are found off topic disrupting the normal use of the MP (marketplace) are prohibited and will be removed.

It is our hope that our Riders enjoy this new section on the forums and always remember to abide by the existing rules from our Code of Honor and Nexon policy thereof.
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