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WTS/Make orders for marks!

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Heya! Me and my partner in crime want to try making some gold in order we can both gear up as we know that gearing is expensive. But yeah the whole point of this is that you can order a set of marks from us (5x Void Kravid marks or whatever) in exchange of gold or a cheeky trade :3
(Please note that all prices may vary according to the prices in game, therefore some may go up or go down)

So here are the marks we can make as of now:

Void Kravids= 130g ea (Max orders for now= 5)
Black Dragon Balark= 70g ea (Max=5)
Amarans= 50g ea ,price may vary (Max=5)

Heroics: 1ea before we get profits just because farming orbs are a thing.
Lunafont= 300g ea
Paragas= 400g ea
Karasha= 400g ea

Also note that we are human beings, so we might be busy in some days but we will make sure the job is done. As we get more gold from this we will put up more stuff that we can make. Farming orbs take up 80% of the time crafting especially now that we are only starting. We can make sure though that we can make 1 order per day right now. Maximum time an order can take will be 1 day.

As of now we have a stock of:
1 Karasha Mark

Contact us in game or leave a comment!
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