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Enjani Mount

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Can someone post a picture of what this mount looks like in-game please?


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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  • NikkoliNikkoli
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    Why are you selling a Mount that u are supposed to get from the Level 60 zone "tamable in game"?
    People are thinking that nexon is going to close the game down because ur releasing stuff in shop that we are supposed to be getting in later zones.. but were getting now for money.
  • ANGRY_riderANGRY_rider
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    Because "westernized" according to Nexon.
  • D_cane123D_cane123
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    No one thinks the game will shut down because of this new mount thingy. What people are saying is the player base is getting pounded under the ground, which inevitability will end the game if no one plays it. Lack of content is the cause. plus the new content ( not really new it's been out for like 2 weeks)people want to do is near impossible to do, and even if you can do it. You don't get anything besides A Legendary item called "Nexon's Middle Finger to the Community". Pretty sad if you ask me. What's even more funny is this new update. They have the audacity to make FK and COV drop rates better, but not the Legendary Dungeons, WTF?
  • DelmitriaDelmitria
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    uuuh, that's not the same as the tameable ones... Brunichi, Kiharu, Snarl... are all tameable... this one may be similar, but its got different colors and stats, much the way we have different colored dragons who are, in essence, the same beast
    the game is alive and well entering into 2019... now I must continue searching posts for Enjani's stats, as I can't remember them
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    Once again Rider,

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