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[NA-BAELLUS] Adult Daily Player LF Active Guild

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Hello! I currently have a lvl 40 Guardian in Supreme heroic gear and a level 20 Priest I will soon level to 40. I have headset w/mic and all voice chats and have been playing MMO's for over 20 years. I don't play specific hours really. Sometimes I am on in the day, sometimes late at night.

I am looking for a very active guild on NA Baellus server that utilizes voice chat. I don't like to sit around and wait in the LFG dungeon tool for hours so I need to find a guild that is going to keep me busy with world bosses, plenty of dungeon runs, and some raids. I am mainly PVE focused but I may do PVP now and then. I have tried a couple guilds so far and one didn't include me in their dungeon activities as they were all geared for and ran mainly legendary dungeons and the other just doesn't have the active members needed to keep me busy so I am hoping this forum post finds what I am looking for in a guild before I give up on the game.

The guild I'd like to join will have enough of a variety of players on throughout the day/night to form heroic dungeon groups and take on world bosses. I haven't ran any raids yet so they are of the least importance right now but definitely something I want to get into once I am geared enough. I only know what I have learned the past two weeks playing so a guild that fulfills my needs and is new player friendly would be great.

Thank you for reading and please either message me or reply to this post.


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    if you havent found a home yet in the game....DragonBourne is active and runs everything you are looking for.pm newonz,MsRiker or AnsuzSapphire ingame