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[GUIDE] Stat Priest Survival by ptbrGAME

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English is not my native language. I'm always correcting the grammar when I find an error. Thank you!

Server: NA-Kalas

Categories in this Guide:
  1. Stat Build Priest: how to create a Survival Priest
  2. General Info about the build
  3. Equipments (Armors, Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Cossbow/Lance, Rings/Necklace/Bracelets)
  4. Familiar Seals for the build
  5. Talents
  6. Pets
  7. Mounts



Main Attribute Build: Constitution - Cooldown Reduction - Cast Time
Overview: The main Rider of Icarus Priest cures skills are based on the maximum target life percentage, ie the more life the target has, the more healing it will receive.
From this, there is no specific attribute that influences the potency of your healing, so you can simply choose multiple builds. And if you have the philosophy that healers were meant to stay in the background healing and protecting your allies while they do all the damage, including yourself, and survive as long as possible to ensure this, then Build Survival is the best build for you.


  1. Pro / Con
  2. Stat Build Info
  3. Tips / General Infos
    1. Max Health Calculation
    2. % Health Attribute Explanation
    3. Heroic / Legendary Itens
  4. Build
    1. Step 1 - Armor / Weapons / Secondary Weapon
    2. Step 2 - Rings / Necklace / Bracelet
    3. Step 3 - Crossbow / Lance
    4. Step 4 - Seals
    5. Step 5 - Talents
    6. Step 6 - Titles
    7. Step 7 - Pet
    8. Step 8 - Mount
  5. Ellora's Stuff
    1. Use as Pet
    2. Use as Mount
  6. Last Tips


  • Chance of surviving many greater.
  • If an enemy appears by some unexpected route, the priest still has a chance to cope until the tank controls the situation;
  • If the tank is under some stun or control effect and the enemies are heading towards the priest, this can be superb until the tank comes back.
  • The Righteous Authority skill (heals 5% of target maximum life) will have a greater effect under you, allowing you to tank small attacks;
  • Your Healing Grow skill will have a greater effect on you (because this healing based on the maximum health of the target);
  • In PvP areas, where priests are usually focused. He has a life and a high defense, increases his survival time, giving his friends time to eliminate opponents.


  • It has very low damage. Especially when riding;
  • In World Bosses (Jumawu for example) the damage caused by the priest does not help much the group to obtain drops.

[Stats Build]


Important informations

  1. Constitution Limit: 593
  2. 1 Constitution point equals 25 Healths points
  3. You can find Constitution points in:
    • Familiars Seals;
    • Equipments: Armors, Weapons, Accesories;
    • Talents;
    • Titles;
    • Costume and Talisman;
    • Pets and Mounts buffs

[Tips / General Info]

Max Health Calculation

Your maxium health is based in three stats: Constitution, Health and % Health

Max_Health = (constitution_total * 25) + health_attributes_total + (%health_total * (constitution_total * 25))

In other words, your maximum health is the sum of:

  1. Take all your constitution points and multiply by 25;
  2. Add all the "Health" attributes of your items;
  3. Add all your "% Health" attributes and apply the percentage over the life gained in your Constitution Points.
  4. And you will find your total health

% Health Explanation

% Health works only in yours Constitution Points!

For example

  • Suppose you have 10 Constitution points and an item that gives you +200 Health. So you have 250 + 200 = 450 Max Health.
  • If you equip an item that gives you 10% health, you will have 475 health and not 495. Because the 10% are based on the 250 health points you have at your Constitution points and not your total health when equipping the item.

Heroic and Legendaries Itens

  • Heroic: Max 2 Slots per piece and 3 Lanes of Attributes;
  • Legendary: Max 3 Slots per piece and 5 Lanes of Attributes;
  • *Some equipment (usually level 39+ equipment) has fixed attributes!


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    [BUILD] Step 1 - Armor / Weapon / Secondary Weapon

    • Main: Maximum of possible slots / Constituion on all non-fixed lines
    • Optional Maximum of possible slots / Constitution and Health
    • Optional: Maximum of possible slots / Constitution and Defenses

    Shoulders is a special item, because taking into consideration the items in this thread, is the only one that can provide Cooldown Reduction. So you better take advantage of this!

    • Main: Maximum of possible slots / Cooldown Reduction on all non-fixed lines
    • Optional: Maximum of possible slots / Cooldown Reduction and Constitution
    • Optional: Maximum of possible slots / Constitution

    [BUILD] Step 2 - Rings / Necklace / Bracelet

    Ring is the only equipment that can offer % Health, with the exception of Talisman and Costumes that usually expire after a while.

    • Main: % Health in all non-fixed lines
    • Optional: % Health and Health/Cast-Time
    • Optional: Health and Cast Time

    Necklace were made with a focus on increasing damage done by the player (damage, critical damage and critical chance), although some amulets have fixed lines of attributes like health and Overall Defense.
    But they also bring an excellent attribute to the build: Cooldown Reduction! It's your chance to get a good amount of Cooldown Reduction and bring it (along with your shoulders) to the 50% limit.

    • Main: Cooldown Reduction all non-fixed lines
    • Optional: Cooldown Reduction and Cast Time
    • Optional: Cast Time
    • Optional: % Magic Attack

    Bracelet were recently introduced alongside the update of the legendary dungeons. You can find them with a maximum of 5 slots to place Gems and not Family Seals!
    These Gems can provide various attributes and the higher their level, the greater the gain amount of the attributes: Health,% Defenses,% Magic Attack,% Physical Attack, Critical Damage / Chance and PvP Stats!

    • Main: Diamond (Max Health [Gem Level])

    [BUILD] Step 3 - Crossbow / Lance

    1. The effect of the attributes of these two weapons does not accumulate. You will only have the effect of that weapon that is equipped in your main hand!
    2. You can switch between Crossbow and Lance, according to the effect you want from your items / Seals;
    3. In this guide we will decide to invest in the crossbow, considering that priests are classes that attack in large range.
    • Main: Constitution all non-fixed lines
    • Optional: Constitution and Cast Time

    As for the lance as a secondary weapon:

    • Main: Cooldown Reduction all non-fixed lines - if you are not close from the limite 50%
    • Optional: Constitution and Cooldown

    [BUILD] Step 4 - Seals

    Now it's time to fill in the slots of the equipment with your Familiar Seals!
    Firstly, if you do not know how to acquire a Familiar Seal, let's take a brief step-by-step:

    1. Find a tamable creature;
    2. Tame this creature; Some of them need special items!
    3. Use a Seal Stone on your Familiar based on his grade:
      • commonStone.png Common: Common Seal Stone
      • EliteSeal.png Elite: Elite Seal Stone
      • heroicSeal.png Heroic: Heroic Seal Stone
      • legendaryStone.png Legendary: Legendary Seal Stone
    4. The higher your Familiar level, the higher the attributes provided after sealing.

    Here is a list of familiar in ascending order of importance to the build:


    • [ELITE] Cold Tusk:
      • Map: Brakarr Forest
      • Bonus: 197-217 Health / 1-4 Constitution
    • [ELITE] Grumpy Gros:
      • Map: Parna's Coast
      • Bonus: 213-253 Health / 1-5 Constitution
      • Item to tame: Grumpy Gros Mark
    • [HEROIC] Phantom:
      • Map: Dungeon-The Frost Keep
      • Bonus: 41-256 Health / 5-19 All Stats
      • Item to tame: Aisha's Will
    • [HEROIC] Karasha the Dark One:
      • Map: Tritael Rift
      • Bonus: 108-394 Health / 10-24 All Stats
      • Item to tame: Karasha's Mark
    • [LEGENDARY] Hameon
      • Map: Dungeon-Ruins of Matren
      • Bonus: 173-413 Health / 56-133 Overall Attack / 14-25 All Stats
      • Item to tame: Hameon Mark
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    [BUILD] Step 5 - Talents

    If you press the hotkey "P" you will find the "Talents" tab.
    Here you will find three categories of talents with several options in each, and as you equip them, some of your abilities will receive some buffs and even you will be able to learn new spells!


    As you equip two or more talents from the same categories you will begin to receive extra attributes based on the categories:

    • Rebuke: Willpower
    • Ward: Intelligence
    • Faith: Constitution

    Be sure to equip at least two "Faith" Talents to ensure at least 20 Constitution Points.
    But to equip talents it is necessary to have Talents Points, which you get by dragging Familiars Seals to the small circle in the Talents tab circuloTalentos.png.

    To learn how to get Familiar Seals, check the previous section [BUILDS] Step 4 - Seals

    Talents suggestion:

    • Inquisitor.png Inquisitor: adds to your Burning Circle magic a 30% defense reduction effect on enemies within the area, and mainly, stuns on enemies who are also in the area (allowing you to survive stunning the large hordes of enemies towards you)
    • Unity.png Unity: passively adds 20% magic defense to you, and in addition increases the chance of critical hit and critical damage to your allies when you use Latent Light spell, plus the Inquisitor talent you gain +20 Contitution.
    • powerofcreatingTalent.png Power of Creation: the advantage of this talent is that it applies an additional buff on the Latent Light skill which increases your / allies Evasion and Moviment Speed. In addition, it increases your Magic Attack by 20% passively, offering you a little more damage even using a full survival build.
    • healingwindTalent.png Healing Wind: Here you gain some status for your Burning Circle skill that helps anyone in the circle with a bonus of 30% Magic Attack, 30% Physica Attack and (the amazing) 20% Cast Time Reduction. This last bonus is incredible so you can charge your heals quickly, especially your Healing Glow skill.
      Recall that with the previous talent (Inquisitor), the circle also causes Stun on the enemies.
    • holyflamesTalent.png Holy Flames: the secret here is the 2 additional motes you get when using the Cohesion Veil skill. With this you can use "Ellora's Mark Skill" several times in you, healing yourself repeatedly and ensuring your survival. In addition, being 3 Moles at your command you receive 15% Physical Defense and 15% Moviment Speed.

    [BUILD] Step 6 - Titles

    Still in the character section (Hotkey "P"), besides the "Talent" tab we have the "Title" section.
    Here you can choose a title to follow the name of your player and provide some attributes, among them Constitution!


    Here is a list of titles that contribute to the build:

    • Tritael Rifht Knight: +2 Constitution
    • Ellun Exemplar: +1% Drop Rate / +5 Constitution
    • Invincible: +100 Health
    • Parna's Defender: +100 Health
    • Phantom Tamer: +2 All Stats / +26 Health
    • Karasha Tamer: +2 All Stats / +39 Health
    • Hameon Tamer: +20 Overall Attack / +62 Health
    • Rift Rider: +5 All Stats / +200 Familiar Altitute

    [BUILD] Step 7 - Pet

    When using a PET, you get some passive buffs based on it. Here's a list of the most appropriate PETs for this build:


    • Phantom: 28% Max Health / 28% Physical Defense / 20% Moviment Speed
    • Karasha the Dark One: 31% Max Health / 31% Physical/Magical Defense
    • Rondo: 20% Max Health / 34% Magic Attack / 10% Moviment Speed
    • Mysterious Broom: 22% Max Health / 8% Cooldown Reduction / 8% Cast Time Reduction (amazing if you still get the debuff from legendary dungeons)

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    [BUILD] Step 8 - Mounts

    Keep in mind that there is no best mount for Priest, but rather the most suitable mount for the moment you are.

    Following the same logic as the [BUILD] Step 7 - Pet, you need pay attention in your Mounts buffs and moviment speed, to make sure you have a good mount to fly around Riders of Icarus! There is some useful mounts:



    • Phantom:
      • Bonus: 28% Health / 20% Moviment Speed / 28% Physical Defense
      • How to get: You need the Aisha's Will item and fight the last boss inside "The Frost Keep" dungeon in any heroic dificulty
      • Tip: the advantage of this mount is in the sustenance that it offers through defense and health, besides the bonus of speed of movement for survival.
    • Apocalypse:
      • Bonus: Physical Attack and Physical Critical Rate. Yes, i know, keep reading!
      • How to get: You need the item "Ashuram's Emblem and find the monster in the south of Farlark - Parna's Coast. Remember, this is a horse from a World Boss
      • Tip: the secret of this mount is not the buffs, but its the speed of movement and the active skill to increase your movement speed by 35% for 20 seconds. It is an excellent mount for fast locomotion, not for hunting.
    • Snow Plush Wolf: review soon
    • Agnas Rider: review soon



    • Karasha the Dark One:
      • Bonus: 30% Health / 20% Magic/Physical Defense
      • How to get: You need a Karasha Mark and find the monster on Blackhaven - Tritael Rift, around 850m altitute.
      • TIp: The main advantage of Karasha is that he is a mount tank, which will increase his life and defense. That is, great if you need to survive while you fly.
    • Golden Laiku:
      • Bonus: 12% Health / 17% Moviment Speed / 12% Physcal/Magic Attack / 12% Physcal/Magic Defense
      • How to get: Complete the Regional Collection of Parna's Coast (hotkey "B", section "Regional") / There was a time when you won a Golden Laiku in the Daily Rewards, but we do not know if that will happen again.
      • Tip: Based on the bonus it is a mount that offers a bit of everything, but in low percentages. Indicated if you need a little damage and only a little resistance to survive.
    • Hameon:
      • Bonus: 31% Health / 21% Moviment Speed / 30% Overall Attack
      • How to get: You need a Hameon Mark and find the monster inside the dungeon "Ruins of Matren" in any legendary dificulty mode
      • Tip: Without doubts one of the best mounts for priest so far, as it provides a high percentage of health and movement speed, and in addition, it provides a great increase of damage, being able to help in world bosses.
    • Radesh the Wise:
    • Laiku Rider:

    Ellora's Stuff and Events

    Always be tuned on Ellora's Shop update, because there is always some pets and mounts where you can use and seal, and they are very helpful for priests.

    Use as Pet


    • Mysteriour Broom:
      • Bonus: 22% Health / 8% Cooldown Reduction / 8% Cast Time Reduction
      • How to get: Halloween Event Quest
      • Tip: If you need a little Cooldown Reduction and Cast Time Reduction, this is an excellent pet, as it comes with a percentage of Health. And it's very welcome if you still have the debuffs from legendary dungeons that increases the cooldown of your abilities.
    • Commander Rondo:
      • Bonus 35% Health / 40% Overall Attack / 20% Overall Defense
      • How to get: Parna's Pet Lucky Box
      • Tip: Well. The percentage of health that the pet gives you is extremely high, as is your Overall Attack bonus (which helps you to get a little better damage as the build does not provide you with this), and Overall Defense for to keep you even more tanky. If you do not need Cooldown Reduction and Cast Time Reduction, then it is undoubtedly one of the best pets for the build.

    Use as Mount



    • Snow Plush Wolf:
      • Bonus: 30% Health / 20% Physical Defense
      • How to get: September Lucky Box / Black Friday Lucky Box
      • Tip: It has a speed base move of 9 which is above all the heroic ground mounts that you can capture up to the Tritael Rift map. What's more, it's one of the few that offers% health and% Defense while you're moving quickly. And if you need to pass in a danger zone just activate your mount skill.
    • Agnas Rider:
      • Bonus: none
      • How to get: Black Friday Shop
      • Tip: Like the Snow Plush Wolf in the above topic, it has the base speed of 9. However, the mount has a spell that when activated increases its speed of movement by 25% for 30 seconds. So if you need to move fast she's great for that, and a great alternative to dungeons where you can ride and have to get back to your party after you've died.



    • Radesh the Wise:
      • Bonus: 25% Health / 20% Moviment Speed
      • How to get: September Lucky Box / Black Friday Lucky Box
      • Tip: Its main advantage is its passive skill speed bonus and also its speed bonus when it activates the skill of its mount, so if you seek to move quickly and guarantee an extra percentage of life, it is excellent.
    • Laiku Rider:
      • Bonus: 20% Health / 20% Overall Attack / 19% Moviment Speed
      • How to get: Black Friday Lucky Box
      • Tip: Here we have something very interesting. First you can mix movement speed, damage, health on one mount. Secondly, it is a mount for two people. And finally, and most interestingly, when you press the "SPACE" hotkey twice to fly faster, this mount is incredibly faster than the others when you press the hotkey, it is believed that it is because of the engine that Spins on the bottom of the mount.
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    Last Tips

    There is some last tips to know about the build and improve your priest's gameplay!

    • Once you reach the Constitutione limit and get past it, start shifting the Constitution attributes from your armor (gloves, helmet, boots and chest) to intelligence attributes to get some damage. Note that the shoulder was not mentioned because it offers great cooldown reduction attributes;
    • The fact that the build is focused on survival does not rule out the chances of it causing a bit of DPS during Dungeons. Priest has many Damage per Second skills (debuffs, where enemies lose life gradually)
    • Always use Ellora's Marks on enemies (whenever possible, of course) to lessen enemy defense and attack.
    • Whenever a member of your party dies (other than the tank), only revive it if you are sure that the tank will be well within the range of your resurrected spell. If you're having a lot of trouble, use your magic to leave the immortal ally for 7 seconds and revive within that range

    Capture. Collect. Conquer.

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