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[GUIDE] Lvl 25+ Berzerker Class Guide By: Coutinho

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This guide is for the Berserker class for levels 25+ (The cap for this guide is the Level 40 level cap with the most recent patch being the Familiar farm addition). I play a "zerk" class on the server Baellas, ign: Coutinho, Guild: Enemy Team / Alliance: Hostile. This guide will cover the basic stats, talents, familiars/pets/seals, and skills/rotations, for the zerk class. The zerk class is a very hack and slash class and is fairly easy to learn. I have been playing the zerk class since the start of the beta release (bought the $20 pack to play early). The zerk class is superior in pvp (player vs player) and is a nice off tank class for pve (plaver vs environment). I will post screenshots/gifs for visual evidence to help out.

Stats For The Zerk:

The zerker class can vary in stats for PVE (player vs environment) you will want a lot of dps and crit rate, for PVP (player vs player) you will need a few stats, cooldown is a must for pvp, it allows you to get your skills off more frequently and it allows you to get out of tricky scenarios with your crowd control break more often. The pvp zerk will also need dps and crit rate, a lot of calculations go into getting the perfect sets for this class. You will have to miss and match stats in order to get the right dps for the class (i will post screenshots of my dps and gear at the bottom). Important stats to maintain/have: 40% crit rate, 900 crit damage, and 40%+ cooldown reduction(PVP).

Armor/Weapon: (you will always want 2 seals slots on your equipment)

Helm: Str / Str (last stat is up to you, hard to find 3 rolls for str)/ I would prefer to find a health roll for the last stat for sustainability
Pauldrons(PVE): Str / Str (last stat is up to you, hard to find 3 rolls for str)
Pauldrons(PVP): Str / Cooldown% / (Cooldown is the most important stat for a pvp zerk, it can beat even the best geared zerks when used correctly) last stat is preferred to be another cooldown % but they are difficult to find as well, str or health would be a nice substitute until you find the other cooldown % roll on pauldrons
Chest: Str / Str (last stat is up to you, hard to find 3 rolls for str)
Gloves: Str / Crit Rate % (This is very important for a zerk to have crit rate % on gloves) / The best option is crit rate % again but they are expensive and hard to find, one roll of crit rate % is a nice addition for an armor piece
Boots: Str / Str (last stat is up to you, hard to find 3 rolls for str)

The set for a zerk will give bonuses that will improve the stats of your zerk, it is important to strive for all of the set bonuses- https://gyazo.com/3c436472da4ca933f2ba279fa3a71e89
You will notice at the bottom of the boots it will show set effects, these bonuses are really nice for your zerk, for pvp it gives cd % and for pve it gives str and crit damage.


Necklace(PVE): Physical Atk % / Physical Crit Rate % / Str (These are all the rolls that are very important for a pve zerk, having atleast one of these stats can boost the dps of your zerk)
Necklace(PVP): Cooldown % / Physical Atk % / Physical Crit Rate % / Str (The cooldown roll for the necklace is very important, because there are only a few items that can give you cooldown %)
Rings: Physical Defence % / Health % / These are the best rolls that you can find for your rings, it is important to balance out your rings though, for instance, a heroic ring gives 3 random stats you want your rings to balance out to 3 physical defence % rolls and 3 health % rolls, you can mix and match them so they are equal

Crossbow/lance: (for the stats to work the lance or crossbow that you want to count for your stats must be on top. for pvp you want your lance on top, pve your crosbow on top)

Crossbow: Physical Crit Rate % / Str / Physical Attack (You will want to shoot for as much physical crit rate % as you can on your crossbow for PVE and both PVP)
Lance: Cooldown % / Constitution / Str / Phys Attack (You will want to find as much cooldown % as possible on your lance so you can get a good bonus for pvp, you will not be using lance for bonus stats in pve, more crit rate % is better than physical damage)


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    Talent Build: (The talent system is pretty simple and people make this mistake a lot, the talent system works like a ladder, in order for your talent synergy to work or for them to link up is that they have to be in order > Red>Red, this will give you one synergy link. You can have multiple links in your talent build but for now you can only have two, since there are only five slots for talents.)

    This build will depend on what type of equipment you have. I changed my talents twice so far this patch, I went from having more Combat talents to having a variety of all the talents. The reason I went with almost all combat talents is that I was lacking hp and the extra boost in constitution that it gave was really nice for my gear. After I got my armor set this was no need because my set had greatly increased my dps, health and defense (through seals and tempering). I run 2 savagery 2 combat and one might for my talent build. I am using a pvp build right now, I have Aura of Doom which gives 20% pvp atk power, War God which makes the enemy bleed after using leaping slash(this talent is a must for pvp) and it creates an additional 30 rage when assault complex is used, then I have Battle Knowledge which gives 20% physical defense %which gives Raging Strike 20% more attack power 10% cooldown and it destabilizes the enemy, then the other combat talent I have is Combat Power which creates an additional 10% rage when double slash, shoulder charge, or follow up strike is used (I do not have rage problems when I have this talent), then for my last talent I have Powerful which is a might talent and it gives an increase of 20% physical atk and the strike down of raging strike does 150% damage to stunned enemies. This build is really nice for pvp it allows me to do insane damage to every class. This build is also good in pve it does really nice damage. A pve build for the zerk would probably be, more Might than Combat I don't think Savagery would be all that good, wargod is the only one that would be really good for pve.


    Ground Mount: (For PVP and PVE) You will need to find a mount that either gives, health %, Physical Defence %, or the best would be finding a mount that gives Physical Attack %, profane apocalypse is the best ground mount at the moment for zerks. (Examples- Uru which gives physical def %, Apocalypse which gives physical atk %, and Phantom which gives Health %)
    Aerial: (For PVP and PVE) Finding a mount that gives phys atk % is the best for a zerk (Examples- Agnas The Red, Terror Kerav, and the best is Twilight Kargyle)
    Pet: (For PVP and PVE) Zerks will be looking for pets that give phys atk %, health %, or phys def % / The best for parties is physical atk% and the best for solo is a mix of all of them, but if you can't get your hands on one, then get one that gives health % and phys def %(exampels- Frost health % and phys def % or Rondo which gives Health % and phys atk %, and the best right now is Jumawu Spawn but it is very hard for me and others in the game to tame the familiars for it xD).
    Seals: (For PVP and PVE) The seals you will be looking for will be ones that give either health/const or physical atk, legendary seals are the best so far because not only do they give a stat like physical attack but they also give all atributes as well, which can boost your dps, health, and crit rate(by a small amount but it adds up with quantity) Some of the seals that you can shoot for are, Terror Kerav(Kind of Cheap :/ ), Twilight Kargyle(Expensive), or Agnas the Red (Cheap), for elites try and go for grumpy gros or Cold Tusk they will give you the sustainability in dungeons with more health and defense(For PVP and PVE).
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    Skills/Rotations: (zerks have the most cc in the game)

    The zerk class has a lot of cool skills that they use, at level 40 you have up to 20 skills that you can use. Some of the main skills I use for pvp/pve are, double slash, rising cutter, shoulder charge, leaping slash, mighty roar, thunderous kick, triple slash, follow-up strike, whirling blade, warface, furythrust, fury, mortal blow, counterattack, blade block, gust cut, assault complex, and raging strike. There are certain skills you will need to use a lot during fights, mighty roar is a buff that gives your rage, rage is your "mana" per say it allows you to use your skills, mighty roar does not need any rage to cast. Mighty roar gives you movement speed and attack power when you use it. This should be used everytime it is up. Follow up strike is an important skill because it a cc, you can use this skill everytime you crit on an enemy and it has a short cooldown. Double slash is one of the most important skills you possess for pve, this skill is your auto attack, it builds rage when using it. For zerks you can make it so you auto attack and then basic attack while using this skill. It looks like this:(https://gyazo.com/3132bd79282837ae61466a9f47ffa81d ), in order to do this you must use double slash then move a direction by just pressing w, a, s, or d and then double slash and then repeat (double slash, w, double slash, d, double slash, d, etc.). The direction you are moving does not interfere with this skill, this can be difficult to perform and you must practice it, this skill allows you to basically auto twice with one skill because you are skill canceling your basic auto attack. Assault complex is a skill that build rage and can knock up enemies, in pvp you will want to use just the first two slashes of it, you do not want to use the slam down effect because the knock up will be over once you use it. shoulder charge, leaping slash, and fury thrust are your gap closers, these will be used a lot in pvp, when using these shoulder charge knocks enemies down, leaping slash knocks enemies down, and fury thrust knocks enemies back and down. Shoulder charge generates rage while the others do not, you will use shoulder charge a lot and leaping slash a lot only if you have WarGod (the talent). I have tried using follow up strike, mortal blow, and leaping slash, these are the skills that trigger war god, if you crit with leaping slash it should trigger war god and bleed your enemy, I have not had luck with bleed on follow up strike or mortal blow. Whirling blade is a good skill that is quick with two slashes it using rage and knocks down enemies, this skill is very useful in pvp and pve. When using skills fully charged (rising cutter, triple slash, and brute smash) you can generate a skill called fury. In pvp when used it can knock down an enemy and it triggers a new set of skills for brute smash and triple slash. I do not use these skills in pve or pvp because they do not allow you to move when using them. Warface is a fear that makes enemies run around for 5 seconds and nothing can break it. This is your best skill in pvp because only a few classes have a fear so use it wisely, it has a long cooldown. Your counterattack is your cc break skill it can get you out of knock downs and stuns. This is very important in pvp and also pve because both bosses and enemies can combo you to death. Thunderous kick is a skill mainly for pvp, if held it can knock enemies back, but it mainly used as just a skill where you press it. When you press it, it knocks down enemies. Gust cut is a unique skill, it is a spin to win skill that is nice to use in pve and pvp. In pvp this skill is mainly used to get out of cc effects and it can be used before a fear which can stop your enemy from attacking you. This skill can be used like counter attack; it can get you out of a knock down. Your block is a standard block it blocks any attack from your enemy and you cannot take damage if it is used successfully. For rotations I kind of just use whatever is up and just try and knock down the monster, pvp is different you have to just practice and practice your own combos to get the gist of the class.

    Stats: https://gyazo.com/5e8cd79240717ef4b5c6f9dee58ee35a
    Armor: https://gyazo.com/5e8cd79240717ef4b5c6f9dee58ee35a
    Weapon/Crossbow/Lance: https://gyazo.com/ff397fbb92ee09ddbb4ea2f5806a377e
    Jewelry: https://gyazo.com/70d72a32c13b5322a27eb07c08b5aa93
    Talent Build: https://gyazo.com/7a4be216f66e8dee7ab7dc83782cf4bd

    My necklace and crossbow are okay, just cheap items to get more dps for raids, so do not try and get those rolls only some of the rolls are nice :)
    Hopefully this guide helped you if you want to ask question feel free to hit me up in game or just leave a comment on this post.
    Have a nice day Riders!