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[Guide] General Game Guide by Rele

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IGN: Relethor (Sin) / Relethorr (Ranger)
Server: Koroshimo
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◆▬►Part I◄▬◆
◆► Foreword
◆► general overview to leveling
◆► Guilds/Alliances
◆► Types of Quests
◆► HP and MP restoration
◆► Dire Wounds
◆► choke Points while leveling
◆► Environmental Effects
◆► Talents overview
◆▬►Part II◄▬◆
◆► Familiars
◆► Mounts and Pets
◆► Taming
◆► Sealstones and Familiar Tempering
◆► Familiar Farm
◆▬►Part III◄▬◆
◆►Equipment stats for each class
◆►starting to gear up
◆►Advanced Gear
◆►Dungeons, Raids and World bosses
◆►useful Stuff

◆▬◆▬◆▬►Part I◄▬◆▬◆▬◆


Soo, my name's Rele, and in this Guide i will explain almost everything a new player would need to know about the Game,
and in addition also some advanced stuff, which even not so new players might be able to find useful.
I will most likely update this Guide with the Ranger's Fury update, and upcoming zone Desert of Immortalety,

Feel free to whisper me ingame,

Special Thanks toward my, almost lv.6, Guild Imperium and current Alliance --------,
for helping me to access even the hardes content such as Raids, and the *not to be spoken about* Manastone War,
in order to be able to write such a guide.

[general overview to leveling]

As in most other Games RoI possesses a lvl system, what a surprise, your main, and at the moment only,
way to lvl up is doing quests, mobs do give experience, but in comparison the amount is so little that it's not worth
and i dont recommend trying to grind mobs for lvls.
Now in order to get to max as fast as possable, just follow the Story Quest line while doing all Side Quests you can find on your way.


You might ask yourself why i placed this topic right here ,
the reason behind this is that i strongly advice you to try and find a Guild or even whole Alliance as early as possable,
to be in a Guild is rly important in this game, not only is the end content hard to impossable to do without one,
the whole gearing process is way easier with a Guild which can help/support you and also gives you minor buffs depending on the Guild lvl.

▬ To join a Guild you can either look in the Guild section here on the Forum,
▬ wait for Guild shouts in the chat,
▬ or look into the Party Board [T], guilds tend to set a recruite message there.

Playing the game with friends is also a good option to help progress.

[Types of Quests]

There are 4 different types of quests in the Game:

▬▬ Story Quests story_q.jpg , The main quest line, required to proceed in the story and game.

▬▬ Side Questsside_q.jpg , one of your main sources for experience, not relevant for the story

▬▬ Repeatable Questrepeat_q.jpg , you can repeate most of them endlessly, decent for experience, some side quest turn into repeatable after done once.

▬▬ Daily Questsdaily_q.jpg , as you can guess, they are completeable once a day, some give good experience, unlocked by doing Side and Story Quests.

Quests can also have prefixes such as [Story+], [Elite+], [Heroic] and [Legendary] which define how hard they are and also the dungeon difficulty needed to complete them.

To see all your active Quest press [J] , this will open the Quest Log,
in the quest log you can also mark quests you want to track on your map and sidebar with a [✔]

[HP and MP restoration]

As you proceed in the early areas, you will at some point notice that mobs start to actually drop you health points,
and also your mana points will drop as the fights start to take longer.
Now in RoI you dont regenerate extremely fast while outside of combat, it's ok at start but will soon only be minor,
you could just go and buy potions and food, but that is not only expensive compared to the gold you have it's also inefficient,
that being said, the option left is to craft potions, bandages and food.

As you first enter Hakain's Crossing, a Side Quest line will introduce you to all Crafting Professions, including Alchemy and also Cooking which are the ones we need to craft our own potions, bandages and food,
To be able to craft, you first need to buy the basic recipes for Alchemy,(you can later also go for the advanced recipe shown in the screenshot)
Merchants can be found in any major city

Having the recipes, open your crafting Interface [N]
there you can see all you need to craft, the 1. item needed can be either bought from the merchant or needs to be gathered in the wild / dropped from mobs,
the 2. material is bought from the merchant. (same merchant as for the recipes)

You can activate Collectibles on your map to find them faster.

Now you can decide what you want to craft:

Potions , restore mana or health instantly, 30 seconds cooldown, can be used in combat.
Bandages , restore a good amount of health over 7 seconds, 10seconds cooldown, can't be used in combat, can be interupted.
Food , restores a large amount of health or mana over 21 seconds, 10 seconds cooldown, can't be used in combat, can be interupted.

Having crafted what you need, you should now have way less problems with surviving.


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    [Dire Wounds]

    Dire Wounds is a debuff you recive every time you revive yourself normally lasting 10 minutes,
    blessed revive or getting revived by a priest does not cause dire wounds.

    The reason why it can get rly annoying is, if you die and revive again while having dire wounds
    it will increase by 1 stack and reset the timer back to 10 minutes,
    the 1. stack applies a 10% slow.
    the 2. gives you a 20% slow, decreases your health by 10% and your armor/magic resist by 20%.
    the 3. slows you by 50%, decreases your health by 50% your armor/magic resist by 99% and your Physical and Magical Attack by 99%.
    duration does not reset again after accumulating 3 stacks

    To get rid of dire wounds you can :

    ▬▬ Simply wait 10 minutes, do something else, go to the forum, or just do what ever you want.

    ▬▬ Find a Mender, they are located next to every Transit Shrine, thought i don't recommend doing this.
    ▬▬ Buy dire wounds cures for your level from a general Merchant, you can carry them around and they are cheaper than a mender.

    [choke Points while leveling]

    First of all, what are choke Points?
    With choke Points i mean the level ranges which a player without any kind of exp boost, for example Premium, can't overcome with just the Story line and Side quests,
    there are currently 4 choke points in the Game:

    ▬▬ lv.19 to lv.20
    This first choke Point is only minor and will only require some Repeatable Quest
    around Kellwoods and Kellwoods Farms.(center of Hakanas Highlands)

    ▬▬lv.23 to lv.24/25
    Still nothing to hard, you can get to lv.24 with Repeatable Quests accepted in Fort Baellas (Sea of Hakanas)
    You can gind to lv.25 but it is not necessarely needed.

    ▬▬lv.33 to lv. 35
    Parnas is the point where it gets hard,
    there is 1 daily Quest in Farlak and a daily quest line in Silverwhite Valley,
    and also some [Elite] Side Quests at Farlak and left of Warhuul,
    how ever Elite Quest are really hard to do alone especially without good gear, you will require a group or need to kite the mobs for a while,
    Parnas has some Repeatable Quests but they are not worth grinding,

    with all stated above you will most likely not reach 35 yet, you can either wait for the daily reset and do the daily quests again
    or you can dare to level to lv. 35 in the Exarahn Badlands.

    Exarahn Badlands is the current PvP zone, but there is also a quest line till lv.35 and from lv.36 onward,
    to enter the Badlands travel all the way to the north in Hakain's Crossing till you reach Exarahn Gate, there is also a Quest in Hakain's Crossing guiding you there.
    Now the Badlands are not a normal zone,
    ▬ First is, you can get killed by any player which is not in your Group/Raid/Guild or Alliance,
    thought the Badlands are most likely empty exept for certain times, however if you are guildless or in a Guild below lv.4 i recommed joining the local Militia there, which is like a big Alliance for all without Guild and till guild lv.3, the Militia also provides huge buffs which will help you alot.
    ▬ The second difference in the Badlance is, every mob does more damage and has significant more life, you dont need to kill that many mobs for the Quest line and you can kite them with your crossbow in mounted combat, but if it's to hard try to find some help.

    ▬▬lv.38 to lv.40
    This choke Point is comparable easy again,
    there are Repeatable Quests at Avarice Sea, Rivengate, Elite at Blackhaven,
    and Daily Quests on the small island conected to The Lost Roost in the south and at Avarice Sea.

    [Environmental Effects]

    Starting with Parnas, every zone gains a so called environmental Effect,
    environmental Effects are Debuffs that apply to all of your Familiars, no matter if mount or pet.

    Currently there are :

    ▬▬ Parnas with: Parna's Frost image and in the later regions additionally Bitter Cold image.

    ▬▬ Tritael Rift with: Resonance image.

    ▬▬ Exarahn Badlands with: Ruin's Hand image.

    Now, in order for your familiars not to suffer from those debuffs, there are multiple ways to overcome them :

    ▬▬ Every [Elite]☆☆ Familiar has a Resistence to the debuff in the region it is found.
    Bitter Cold Resistance image for Parnas,
    Resonance Resistance image for Tritael Rift,
    Evil Resistance image for Exarahn Badlands.

    ▬▬ Any [Heroic]☆☆☆ Familiar possesses Mythic Resilience image which negates all environmental Effects.
    [Legendary]☆☆☆☆ Familiars possess Legendary Aura image which has the same effect.

    ▬▬ In each region either Scrolls or Potions can be obtained to temporary resist the debuff.

    ▬▬ Familiar Armor can be crafted which gives resistance against the debuffs, however beside the recipes for the Parnas debuff Armor, which are automatically learned at Barder crafting stage 2, the recipes for Tritael (dropped in the Frost Keep [Heroic]) and Exarahn (can be dropped in the whole area) are rly hard to get, and taming a Heroic familiar will be way simpler.

    [Talents overview]

    Hitting lv. 20 you will unlock Talents.
    Talents are great, as they empower your skills, unlock new skills and if combined in the right manner give you attributes and later even allow you to break the stat hard cap for one of your stats.


    From the 3 different Talent categorys there is:

    ◆ a defensive category, granting Constitution on Synergy,
    ◆ a offensive category, granting Strength or Intelligence on Synergy,
    ◆ a PvP oriented category, granting Willpower or Dexterity on Synergy,

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    ◆▬◆▬◆▬►Part II◄▬◆▬◆▬◆


    Familiars are a key aspect in Riders of Icarus,
    they are used as Mounts to get around the world, as pets to buff you in combat, and even as powerful Seals to enhance your gear.

    They are devided in 4 different categories:

    ▬▬ [Common]☆ Familiars, weak or no buffs, not recommented as seal, no taming requirement, taming cost 5.

    ▬▬ [Elite]☆☆ Familiars, good to strong buffs, recommented as starting seals, most have taming requirement, taming cost 15.

    ▬▬ [Heroic]☆☆☆ Familiars, strong to really strong buffs, strong advanced seals, all have taming requirement, taming cost 40.

    ▬▬ [Legendary]☆☆☆☆ Familiars, strong to powerful buffs, most powerful seals obtainable, all have taming requirement, taming cost 60.

    There are multiple ways to obtain a familiar:

    ▬ By simpel taming.
    ▬ As event rewards.
    ▬ Special ones can be obtained throuth Bestiary completion.
    ▬ And there are also numerous in the Shop, which are sometimes sold on the Auction Broker for Gold.

    In order to level a familiar, simply have him summoned.
    If he is summoned while in battle, the time needed to level up will reduce itself every other second by some seconds.

    [Mounts and Pets]

    Familiars can be used as mounts for mounted combat with a crossbow or lance, and as pets to provide buffs in combat.
    Now there are alot of Familiars that can potentially be used
    and i will now list up the most useful in terms of physical buffs, magical buffs and defensive buffs,
    all numbers result from the familiar being his max level
    flying familiars:
    ▬▬ [Ruby Bloodwyrm]☆☆ ,
    20% physical damage buff,
    lv.25 found at Guardian's Gate in Hakanas Highlands on 400 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Blue Bloodwyrm]☆☆ ,
    20% magical damage buff,
    lv.25 found at Guardian's Gate in Hakanas Highlands on 400 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Bonethorpe]☆☆ ,
    24% physical damage buff,
    lv.32 found at Parnas's Steps in Parnas on 330 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Keeshar]☆☆ ,
    24% magical damage buff,
    lv.36 found at The lost Roost in Tritael Rift on 666 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Agnas the Red]☆☆☆ ,
    23% physical damage buff, 25% physical defense buff,
    20%physical critical rate for 20sec active buff,
    lv.25 found at Guardian's Gate in Hakanas Highlands on 400 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Terror Kerav]☆☆☆ ,
    27% physical and magical damage buff,
    lv.38 found at Sorma Plain in Parnas on 350 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Paragas the Mad]☆☆☆ ,
    27% physical damage 50 physical critical damage 3% physical critical rate buff,
    20% physical critical rate for 20sec active buff,
    lv.39 found between Eclipsed Shrine, Ellora's Perch and The Breach on 290 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Femuto]☆☆☆ ,
    27% magical damage 50 magical critical damage 3% magical critical rate,
    lv.40 found at Avarice Sea in Tritael Rift between 600 and 730 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Karasha the Dark One]☆☆☆ ,
    30% HP 20% physical defense 10% magical defense buff,
    20% physical and magical critical rate for 20sec active buffs,
    lv.40 found at Blackhaven in Tritael Rift on 820 Altitude,
    ▬▬ [Hameon]☆☆☆☆ ,
    30% overall attack 31% HP 21% movement speed buff,
    lv.?? found in the legendary version of Ruins of Matren,
    ground familiars:
    ▬▬ [Krooger]☆☆ ,
    24,5% physical damage buff,
    lv.33 found at Frozen Prairie in Parnas,
    ▬▬ [Frost]☆☆ ,
    28% HP 28% physical defense,
    lv.34 found in The Frost Keep Heroic as one of Rondos 3 wolves,
    ▬▬ [Apocalypse]☆☆☆ ,
    30% physical damage 9% physical critical rate buff,
    lv.36 found southwest of Farlark in Parnas,
    ▬▬ [Profane Apocalypse]☆☆☆ ,
    30% physical and magical attack 19% PvP resistance buff,
    lv.35 found in the northern areas of the Exarahn Badlands,
    ▬▬ [Canniphage]☆☆☆ ,
    28% overall attack buff,
    lv.35 can be found as 3. familiar in Lair of Ienos,
    ▬▬ [Phantom]☆☆☆ ,
    28% HP 28% physical defense 20% movement speed buff,
    5% physical critical rate for 20 sec active buff,
    lv.34 found in The Frost Keep Heroic as one of Rondos 3 wolves,
    special mounts/pets:
    ▬▬ [Golden Laiku]☆☆☆ ,
    12% physical and magical attack 12% physical and magical defense 12% HP 17% movement speed buff,
    7% physical and magical critical rate for 3 min active buff,
    obtained as mount by completing the Bestiary for Hakanas Highlands,
    ▬▬ [Rondo]☆☆☆ ,
    34% physical or magical damage 20% HP 15% movement speed,
    obtained as pet by completing the Bestiary for Parna's Coast,
    ▬▬ [Jumawu's Spawn]☆☆☆,
    34% overall attack 25% HP 10% overall def 5% overall critical rate buff,
    obtained as pet by completing the Bestiary for Tritael Rift,

    There are more good mounts and pets found in the Shop and on the Auction Broker, which i didn't include, as they are not obtainable at all times and normally never as first familiars.

    By default any tamed familiar is a Mount, in order to now shrink them down to use them as a Pet you need a Pet Scroll,
    [Elite Pet Scrolls] image for Elite familiars, dropable from any Elite mob and in Elite+ dungeons,
    [Heroic Pet Scrolls] image for Heroic familiars, dropped in Heroic dungeons,
    [Legendary Pet Scrolls] image for Legendary familiars, dropped in Legendary dungeons and raids,
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    A Pet has 4 different modes and 3 commands to control it:
    ▬ Auto-loot Mode image , the pet loots depending on settings and also rolls for you, else it is passive,
    (requires Auto-loot Emblem from the shop or premium)
    ▬ Attack Mode image , the pet attacks everything within 10 meters, and uses active skills as they come of coldown,
    ▬ Guard Mode image , the pet attacks everything that attacks you, and uses active skills as they come of coldown,
    ▬ Standby Mode image , the pet is passive and just follows you,

    ▬ Follow image , cancels all actions and calls the pet to you, pet will follow you afterwards,
    ▬ Move image , the pet will move to the marked location and stay there, it will still move to loot if in range but the stay will not be broken,
    ▬ Set Target image , the pet attacks your target and changes into Guard Mode if passive befor,


    Taming a familiar is the main way to obtain one,
    in order to tame a familiar you need to fulfill all taming requirements it has, your Bestiary [B] shows you if a familiar has requiremnets and gives hints how to fulfill them,
    ▬ a main requirement for almost any elite+ familiar is a Taming Mark for the specific familiar,
    ▬ some elite, and almost all heroic/legendary familiars have the requirement to lower their HP below 50-15%,
    ▬ certain familiars have additional special requirements,

    Familiar Taming Marks, the main recource needed, can be obtained by:
    ▬ dropping them directly from certain dungeon bosses, or world bosses,
    ▬ crafting the Taming Mark

    In order to craft a taming Mark you first need to obtain a recipe,
    which are dropped by certain elite or boss mobs,
    or can be bought on the Auction Broker,
    (A Guide by Kaiarra, about which familiar needs what mark and where to find the recipe, can be found [Here]),

    With the recipe learned, open your crafting window [N], and go to the Barder Crafting tab,
    there you can see what you need to craft ,
    ▬ Familiar Orbs can by gained kinda everywhere,
    ▬ Elite Taming Potion can be bought from any Barder Crafting Merchant

    Having the required Taming Mark and knowing all other requirements for the desired familiar, you can now attempt to tame him,

    [1]◆ in order to do so fulfill all the requirements, like dropping his HP below 20%, if you hover your cursor over the familiar it should look like this:

    [2]◆ if all is met, you can use the skill [Taming] image, this will put your character in taming stance, taming stance is cancelled by any action beside moving and the jump to attempt,

    [3]◆ now position yourself directly below the familiar if he is staying still, and slightly befor him if he is moving toward you,

    [4]◆ by default you will now have a small window [Jump] appear, press [Space] to jump and attempt the tame,

    The taming process is completely random, filling the green bar results in success the red in fail,
    however you will see ticks on the green or red bar, every 2 ticks, you will be able to press one of the four buttons above the bars,
    one of them will light up and you have to press him, a successful button gives an additional green tick, a failed button an additional red tick,
    The chance to succeede depends on the familiar grade and his level compared to yours,
    ◆ lower level, better chance,
    ◆ higher level, less chance,
    ◆ same level, no change,
    you can further increase the taming chance with Titles, shop Potions, premium, and certain jewelry parts,
    also lowering an Elite/Heroic/Legendary familiars HP below 20% increases the chance to tame them, even if it's not a requirement,

    one of the best boosts for success, is the so called "reset trick",

    if you jump on a familiar who did not notice you or is passive, you will start the taming with an additional button,
    this is called reset trick because you cant just jump on a familiar without aggroing him if you need to drop his HP to tame him,

    ▬ to execute this trick, you need to drag the familiar so far from his initial position that it resets and runs back to it,
    this will reset the aggro but his HP will stay low till he reaches his starting position,

    ▬ now you need to jump on him while he runs back, to get the additional button,

    ▬ this can be done alone with some practice, but at best just get someone who can drag him away for you that you dont need to run after him,

    ▬ if someone should fail a tame on a familiar you can also directly jump onto the familiar for it to count as reset,
    just don't wait to long, if the familiar is already attacking again it's to late,

    this trick works on any familiar ground or air,

    [Sealstones and Familiar Tempering]

    Beside as mounts or pets another major usage of familiars is to seal them into Sealstones.
    The Sealstones can then be put into the sealslots in your gear, to enhance your stats.

    To seal a familiar, the right sealstone is needed:
    ▬▬ [Elite Sealstones]image, found in any Elite+ Dungeon and as World boss loot.
    ▬▬ [Heroic Sealstones]image, found rarely in Heroic+ dungeons, mainly as worldboss loot.
    ▬▬ [Legendary Sealstones]image, found as Raid drop, and possable in Legendary dungeons.

    In order for the Seals to have the maximum stat ranges, the sealed familiar needs to be his max level.

    For Heroic and Legendary familiars there is another way to increase the seals stats,
    if the familiar is tempered to +5 the seal will have a small amount of bonus allstats.
    Tempering a familiar:
    Tempering a familiar does not only give the seals a bonus, it also increases the stats of a familiar,
    every tempering level gives:
    ◆ % Max EP
    ◆ % Health
    ◆ % Overall Defense
    ◆ Familiar Altitude, for flying familiars
    ◆ % Move Speed, for ground familiars

    A +5 familiar, is way tougher than a +0 familiar, and i recommend tempering your normal combat pet to +5,
    as it is going to survive those annoying random boss hits that would kill it otherwise.
    Comparison Lv.40 Pet on +0 and +5,

    To temper a familiar select the familiar in your Familiar window [Z],
    and press the [Tempering] button in the top right corner,
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    [Familiar Farm]

    The Familiar Farm is your personal instanced area, with different options for your familiars,
    and all useful NPCs put together.

    To enter the Familiar Farm speak to any Beast Tamer, or Beast Trainer, they are found in almost every NPC camp.

    The Familiar Farm contains:

    ▬ Auction Broker and Storage Master,

    ▬ Merchants, Trainer and Craft Stations for every crafting profession,

    ▬ Familiar Coin Shop

    ▬ Farm upgrade NPC

    ▬ Beast Trainer (Familiar Fostering)

    ▬ Familiar Tamer (Herd Buff)

    ▬ Familiare Adventure Board

    ◆▬◆▬◆▬►Part III◄▬◆▬◆▬◆

    [Equipment stats for each class]

    As every class needs different Stats, here is a list of which Stats each class needs, and their importance order,

    Main Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Willpower
    also useful: Constitution

    further Stats:
    1. magical damage / magical critical damage (depending on build)
    2. magical critical rate (95% hard cap, not more than 55% as buffs, for example priest buff, will get you to cap)
    3. % magical attack
    4. cooldown reduction (cd, 50% hard cap, depending on rotation, normally 20 are enouth)
    5. cast time (99% hard cap, can be ignored as self buff will increase it enouth)
    6. % HP

    Main Stat: Strength
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    also useful: Constitution

    further Stats:
    1. physical critical damage (can be replaced with physical damage, but i recommend critical damage)
    2. physical critical rate (85% hard cap, buffed 65% are enouth to cap if behind an enemy with Deep Wounds)
    3. cooldown reduction (cd, 50% hard cap, 40% should be max to get)
    4. % physical attack
    5. % HP

    Main Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Willpower
    also useful: Constitution

    further Stats:
    1. magical damage / magical critical damage (depending on build)
    2. magical critical rate (95% hard cap, max amount to be decidet, 65% max)
    3. % magical attack
    4. cooldown reduction (cd, 50% hard cap, pending, most likely like sin)
    5. cast time (99% pending, most likely can be inored)

    Main Stat: Strength
    Secondary Stat: Constitution
    also useful: Dexterity

    further Stats:
    1. physical damage (some use crit build, depending)
    2. physical critical rate (85% hard cap, self buffs can increase)
    3. % physical attack
    4. % HP/physical defence
    5. cooldown reduction (cd, 50% hard cap)

    Main Stat: Constitution
    Secondary Stat: Strength
    also useful: Dexterity

    further Stats:
    1. cooldown reduction (cd, 50% hard cap, 50% needed to hold consistent aggro)
    2. % HP / physical defense
    3. physical critical rate (85% hard cap)
    4. physical attack

    Main Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Constitution
    also useful: Willpower

    further Stats:
    1. cooldown reduction (cd, 50% hard cap, 50% at best)
    2. % HP / physical defense
    3. magical critical rate (95% hard cap, 30% self buff)
    4. cast time (99% hard cap, most spells got less to no cast time, can be ignored)
    5. magical attack

    And now which gear part can have which stats:
    defense and flat HP can also be found on most pices
    ▬ Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution
    ▬ Cooldown reduction / Cast time / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution
    Armor / Robe
    ▬ Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution
    ▬ critical rate / critical damage / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution
    ▬ Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution

    ▬ Cooldown reduction / % attack / Strenth / Intelligence / critical rate / critical damage
    can also have: allstats / cast time
    ▬ Dexterity / Willpower / % Hp / % Mana / % physical defense / cast time
    can also have: allstats

    ▬ magic/physic attack / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution / critical rate / critical damage
    ▬ Shield: % physical defense / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution
    ▬ Crest: % magic attack / % Mana / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution

    ▬ magic/physic attack / critical rate / critical damage / cast time / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution
    ▬ magic/physic attack / critical rate / critical damage / Cooldown reduction / Strenth / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower / Constitution

    [starting to gear up]

    Now there are currently 2 different points at which you can start to gear up,
    first being lv.35, second one lv.40, with lv.50 you will want to start on lv.40 too.

    Up to 35 you can do everything with just quest gear, but to get to lv.40 with quest gear depends on your class and how hard you like it,
    grouping up can also help to get o lv.40 with just quest gear,
    you can also, at all times, look if there is a group for any of the lower dungeons on the Party Board to push in a run while you level,

    In case guild mates or friends gave you gear or enouth gold to buy some, skip to the [Seals] part,
    ▬ Having reached either of the points it's now time to get your basic heroic gear from the dungeons Lavalight Cave, Carleon Manor and
    Ruins of Matren,
    ▬ you can also look on the Auction Broker for cheap gear if you have some gold, as low level gear tends to be rly cheap, especially buying a lv.35+ weapon from your quest gold will help you alot,
    ▬ now, as you only got quest gear being able solo run any of the 3 dungeons on Heroic 4 or 5 difficulty depends on how well you play your class,
    also Guardians and Berserker might not be able to do so with quest gear on lv.35,
    ▬ Elite 4 or 5 difficulty can also drop Heroic loot and you can run them while Heroic is on cooldown,

    ▬ No matter which Heroic difficulty you run in the end, a main point it to complete the repeatable quest for the Dungeon Coins image,
    the quests can be accepted infront of the dungeons, and the coins are used to buy class specific gear boxes from the same NPC which you got the quest from,

    ▬ those gear boxes will help you alot as you can chose from any part of the dungeon set,
    the amount of coins needed for a box rises with dungeon level,
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    After you have done some runs, and got yourself full Heroic gear with somewhat decent stats, you can keep the quest jewelry,
    it's time to put some starting Seals in it, at best prepare some Seals while you do runs and put them in if you found a good pice of gear.

    For the beginning Elite Seals are the way to go, you can also take Heroic Seals already incase you managet to get some but that depends on you.

    There are 3 different Elite Seals to chose from:

    [Ruby Bloodwyrm]
    granting physical damage and physical critical rate
    [Blue Bloodwyrm]
    granting magical damage and magical critical rate
    granting health and constitution

    They all don't require a Mark to tame, and take around 5h without any familiar exp boost or being in combat to level,
    can also be bought on the Auction Broker,

    Heroic Seal choices:


    [Advanced Gear]

    With good starting gear you can now, level to max if you didn't already, and begin to get your gear to the max,
    this is also the reason i suggest not to seal to many Heroic seals in starting gear, as you will replace it quite fast,

    ▬ For Advanced Gear, you first of all repeat the same process as for starting gear, just with the current max level dungeons,
    and in groups of 5 ppl, dungeon coins can help again,

    ▬ seal the new gear with Heroic seals

    ▬ In addition, you should now start to look out for world boss spawns, which are announced with a server message,
    and attend them in a group, or alone if you're confident in doing 5% of the bosses HP / and not to many people are present,

    ▬ Potential groups can be found on the Party Board, if not in a Guild/Alliance.

    This is the point in the game, where having a good Guild / Alliance or Friends, will help alot,
    doing this part solo with just random groups will take alot of time.

    Doing all the above, will bring you to good Heroic gear, and possable Legendary Jewelry / Weapons / Offhands / Crossbows and Lances,
    the only step to further increase your gear is by going for Legendary Armor Sets, and Legendary Seals,

    To be able to do the following, you will in 90% of the cases require a good Guild or Alliance,
    the content is simply to hard to be done in random groups,
    and Raids mostly require some kind of voice chat (Discord, Ts3, Mumble), where you can at least listen to teammates, to be done.

    To obtain Legendary Seals you need get recipes for Legendary Familiar Marks, to tame Legendary Familiars,

    ◆ the recipes drop in Legendary Dungeons and Raids,
    ◆ Marks for Traes and Tagris can be dropped in Attaius or Tranua,
    ◆ Legendary familiars can be obtained throuth Lucky boxes from the Shop,
    ◆ most Shop Familiars are also sold for gold on the Auction Broker,

    Beside running the Raids Attaius and Tranua, the way to get Legendary Armor is by running dungeons on Legendary difficulty,

    ▬ To be able to enter Legendary difficulty you need specific Emblems image
    ◆ which can be obtained from a daily quest, currently the NPC for this quest is located on Victory Plaza in Hakain's Crossing,
    ◆ drop on Legendary mode and in Raids,
    ◆ and can also be bought in the Shop for Elluns,

    ▬ Legendary difficulty dungeons also have a daily quest for Legendary Coins image, accepted infront of the dungeons,
    those Coins can then be used to buy crafting recipes for Legendary Karasha Gear,
    the merchant is also found on Victory Plaza,


    With tempering you can increase your Gears armor / magic resist and damage values,

    Currently every Gear part exept Jewelry can be tempered, (Jewelry tempering will become available with further Updates),

    To be able to Temper you need tempering Stones image,
    they come in various levels, the higher the stones level the better the chance for successful tempering,
    they can be obtained:
    ◆ high level stones as dungeon or Raid drop,
    ◆ medium level stones from world bosses,
    ◆ medium to high level stones by extracting Gear with Extractors, which can be bought from General Merchants,
    ◆ special 30% 50% and 100% stones can be obtained from events or sometimes the Shop,
    ◆ all stones can be found on the Auction Broker,

    ◆Tempering success chance can be increased with Titles, and Shop Potions,

    Right click a tempering Stone and then left click the Gear Part you want to temper,
    this will open the tempering Interface where you can see the success chance with the currently used stone,
    Click [Confirm] and hope for the best,

    From temper Level 1 to 9,
    the current temper Level will not be reduced on failure,
    with temper Level 10 to 20 the current temper Level will be reduced by 1 on failure,
    to prevent this, you can buy De-rank Protection with Elluns in the tempering Interface for any gear pice with temper Level 10+,
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    <a name="Dungeons, Raids and World bosses"></a name>
    <h3><b>[<u>Dungeons, Raids and World bosses</u>]</b></h3>


    <h4><font color="#B22222">Lavalight Cave</font></h4>
    Location: south-west of Hakanas Highlands
    Level: 15
    ◆ Scorched Skeleton Captain awakenes dead skeletons around him,
    ◆ Emberstone Golem possesses a cc front AoE, can be blocked,
    ◆ Emberstone Golem summons Emberstones that run toward players and expode beside them,
    ◆ Legendary Mode available for level 40+,

    1◆ Scorched Skeleton Captain
    2◆ Emberstone Golem
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672344hu.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#2F4F4F">Carleon Manor</font></h4>
    Location: east of Hakanas Highlands
    Level: 20
    ◆ mini Boss Keadin in the Stables,
    ◆ LeBrand has the special spell Abyssal Bell, if he casts it run as far as you can and place your familiar between you and the boss,
    if not the closest party member will be stunned for 30 seconds, the stun is unescapable,
    ◆ From time to time Carleon casts the skill Blood Sucker, run out of range to avoid fatal damage, Carleon will heal if he hits someone,
    ◆ Legendary Mode available for level 40+,

    1◆ Kimmens
    2◆ LeBrand, Rantou, Chef Gustav (one needs to be chosen)
    3◆ Carleon
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672346er.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#00BFFF">Ruins of Matren</font></h4>
    Location: north-east of Hakanas Highlands
    Level: 25
    ◆ Can be done with mounted combat, exept for Chief Sinthan Phase I,
    ◆ Zepello awakenes the zombies around him,
    ◆ Chief Sinthan summons waves of adds in Phase II,
    ◆ Legendary Mode available for level 40+,

    1◆ Dark Mage Zepello, Makontin the Smith
    2◆ Chief Sinthan (Phase I)
    3◆ Frost Iren
    4◆ Chief Sinthan (Phase II)
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672347co.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#BA55D3">Cavern of the Veil</font></h4>
    Location: center of Parna's Coast
    Level: 30
    ◆ Skallion possesses a Spinning Slash which will kill anyone standing to close,
    ◆ Ankelion casts the skill Final Struggle on low health in the II. Phase, run out of range to avoid fatal damage,

    1◆ Killian
    2◆ Zenkit, Skallion (none, one or bouth can be defeated, depending on Waterway Gate RnG)
    3◆ Ankelion & Radan's Eye (Phase I: just Ankelion, Phase II: bouth together)
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672348mi.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#87CEFA">The Frost Keep</font></h4>
    Location: south-east of Parna's Coast
    Level: 35
    ◆ Balbora possesses a charge, which targets players standing further away from him, inflicts fatal damage if it hits,
    ◆ Rondo (normal) has the skill Blizzard of Blades, if blocked by Guardian or Berserker the skill stops instantly,
    ◆ Rondo (transformed) can be stunned for a short duration if he is pulled into the ray of an activated water-mirror,
    ◆ Bouth Rondos summon Wolves for aid,

    1◆ Balbora
    2◆ De Lamarche & Revived Sinthan
    3◆ Rondo Terramunce (normal)
    4◆ Rondo Terramunce (transformed)
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672349gw.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" /><img src="http://up.picr.de/27672350cr.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#9400D3"></font>The Breach</h4>
    Location: east of Tritael Rift
    Level: 40
    ◆ Recommented to have high crit rate on all classes / every class should know their destabilizing skills,
    ◆ Boss 1 and 3 require an Assassin or Berserker in order to unlock the path for other classes,
    ◆ To access Boss 3, the golem mini boss needs to be killied in order for the path to be complete,
    ◆ Umax has a long cast time charge attack that will kill anyone not hiding either left or right behind the rock formations,
    ◆ Chaos Lord Izhora has 2 heals, one for 20% HP used below 60%, and one for 70% HP used below 20%,
    keeping him destabilized is mandatory, bring his Stability stacks down to 2 with destabilizing attacks, and wait for him to cast his heal,
    then break the last 2 stacks and interupt his cast with hard cc,

    1◆ The Faery (chance that the way is blocked)
    2◆ chance for Skallion
    3◆ random bonus Boss
    4◆ Umax (fought with mounted combat)
    5◆ random bonus Boss
    6◆ Chaos Lord Izhora
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672351xn.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#B8860B"></font>Lair of Ienos</h4>
    Location: south of Parna's Coast
    Level: 35
    ◆ Can be entered once a day after completing the daily quest accepted befor the entrance,
    ◆ additional Lair Keystones can be obtained from the Shop,
    ◆ one ground and air familiar from Elite or Heroic grade, up to Parna's Coast,
    ◆ free try to tame one of the familiars, Yay,
    ◆ chance to find Ienos familiar Canniphage,

    1◆ Chaos Lord Ienos (drops 1 Familiar Control Stone)
    2◆ 1 random ground and air familiar, Canniphage
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672352sy.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />

    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27680475wa.jpg"/>;
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27679971mh.jpg"/>;
    <h5><b>World bosses:</b></h5>

    <b>◆ World bosses can't be destabilized! ◆</b>

    <h4><font color="#006400">Hakanas Highlands</font></h4>
    World bosses:
    1◆ Merciless Jeranin
    Respawn: 8H
    ◆ Death Axe front AoE inflicts fatal damage,

    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672595hp.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#00FFFF">Parna's Coast</font></h4>
    World bosses:
    1◆ Chieftain Keron, Chief Archer Poseana, Mage Chief Usula
    Respawn: 7H (all 3 possess individual timers, only Keron is announced)
    ◆ Keron summons Ice Spikes that inflict fatal damage if you stand on one as they explode,
    ◆ Poseana has a poison bolt front aoe which inflicts alot of damage,
    ◆ Usula heals herself regulary for 10% HP,

    2◆ Bismuth the Ruthless
    Respawn: 8H
    ◆ Devasting front AoE, stand ranged or behind him if you dont tank,
    ◆ Ocassionally drinks from his barrels, and unleashes multiple front hits, only the first hit matters for the damage,
    stuns afterwards for a short duration

    3◆ Dark Knight Ashuram
    Respawn: 5H
    ◆ After being defeated, his Horse Apocalypse can be tamed,

    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672607xn.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />
    <h4><font color="#8A2BE2">Tritael Rift</font></h4>
    World bosses:
    1◆ Flam
    Respawn: 8H
    ◆ His sommoned Emberstone minions leave a debuff on surrounding players on death,
    which makes the player explode after a few seconds damaging and transfering the debuff to all players in range,

    2◆ Kelsir
    Respawn: 8H
    ◆ Possesses a spell that summons frost circles, which either inflict low damage, or kill the player,

    3◆ Ikeria
    Respawn: 8H
    ◆ Her AoE cast misses most of the time but does alot of damage if it hits,

    4◆ Faudrus
    Respawn: 8H
    ◆ Summons shadow circles which knock player into the air if they come to close,
    circles dissapear after some time,

    5◆ Jumawu
    Respawn: 19H
    ◆ HUG A PRIEST! xD,
    ◆ Be aware if he casts Time Rift, if you get sucked in you will most likely die to his follow up Blast,

    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672596sr.jpg"; border="0" width="400" height="400" />

    <center><h2><font color="#00CED1">◆▬◆▬◆▬►<b>Bonus</b>◄▬◆▬◆▬◆</font></h2></center>
    <a name="useful stuff"></a name>
    <h3><b>[<u><font color="#FF0000">us</font><font color="#FFA500">ef</font><font color="#FFD700">ul</font><font color="#00FF00"> S</font><font color="#0000CD">tu</font><font color="#9400D3">ff</font></u>]</b></h3>
    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672725nk.jpg"/>;

    <img src="http://up.picr.de/27672851xw.jpg"/>;
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    <a name="categories"></a name>
    <b>This Guide enters in the following Categories:</b>
    ◆ Equipment Tempering for Riders that are Level 25+
    ◆ Recommended Equipment Guide for Riders that are Level 25+
    ◆ Seal Stone Guide for Riders that are Level 25+
    ◆ Leveling in Parna’s Coast
    ◆ Leveling in Tritael Rift
    ◆ Familiar Tempering
    ◆ Stat Build (in General)
    ◆ Recommended Familiar/Pet (in General)
    ◆ Dungeon and Raid Strategy Guides
    ◆ *Categories that have not even been on the list*
  • DraconiyaDraconiya
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    Great overall guide, especially the dungeon/raid/worldboss strategies/skill infos were useful.

    But I found a small mistake in the section where you list the loot tables for Attaius and Tranua; you said Attaius drops Traes' mark and Tranua Tagris', but it's actually the other way around.
    And the Familiar Farm can be acessed by talking to any Beast Trainer, not just the one in the Crossing.

    Congrats on your win, btw! ^^
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    <blockquote class="Quote" rel="Draconiya">

    But I found a small mistake in the section where you list the loot tables for Attaius and Tranua; you said Attaius drops Traes' mark and Tranua Tagris', but it's actually the other way around.
    I can count at least 4 tagris mark drops from Tranua, as well as 2 Traes from Attaius.

    <blockquote class="Quote" rel="Draconiya">

    And the Familiar Farm can be acessed by talking to any Beast Trainer, not just the one in the Crossing.


    LoL, rly?xD
  • CreamCream
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    Yes, any beast trainer in the Middelas will grant access to the Familiar Farm. Additionally, I want to thank you for such great work for our community!
  • Menegroth_SusejMenegroth_Susej
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    This is a great guide for starting playes. Great job! :D

    Regardless of competition, I vote for this to be a sticky so new players can acess it easily.

    It already is a sticky. My bad! :S
  • SlayeRzZSlayeRzZ
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    wow a guy who don't have job :D
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