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[GUIDE] Cavern of the Veil by Gladiolus [WIP]

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Category: Dungeon strategy guide for Cavern of the Veil

Cavern of the Veil - A Strategy Guide for beginners



> Foreword
> Layout of the dungeon / basic information
> Difficulty: Story
> Difficulty: Elite+
> Mounts
> Loot



Hello, I am Gladiolus from the Akaldus Server and I am here to explain the dungeon Cavern of the Veil. First of all. Cavern of the Veil is the first dungeon you encounter on your journey through Parnas Coast.
Cavern of the Veil is one of the longest dungeons currently in the game. And you will Encounter a lot of Merumi , Agul, and more dangers. But do not worry. With this guide, you won't have problems to get past all the dangers that will await you, brave Rider.


Layout of the dungeon / basic information

The Cavern can be described in 3 parts:

Part I : Cult Barracks
Part II : Undersea Tunnel
Part III : Radan's Shrine

(Cavern of the Veil Map)


Part I

The first area of the dungeon is known under the name "Cult Barracks".
most of the room is covered in water, where most of your pets are not able to get through, so they will disappear as soon they hit the water surface.
So note: If you want to use your pet in this section, you need to use the path to pass the room.
In the center is a relatively large Merumi-hut. Inside is the first Boss: Killian.
Besides Killian are the barracks home to the tameable elite mounts Lahav the turtle and Abyssal Coatra, another Saurus.


Part II

The second section is more complex.
This part is randomized. this means that there is no fixed path. There are different gates and switches. Every Switch opens only one random Gateway.
Because of this is it possible to get pass all Boss monsters, without fighting them. The Boss monsters here are on the left side Zenkit
and in the middle section Skalion.


Part III


Radan's Shrine is made of a small path leading to the first section. A big place where Merumi are praying and awaiting Chapley Singers death as a sacrifice to Radan. The second section is around Radan's Eye. Here are Ankelion and Radan's Eye. They are the final Boss of the dungeon. Behind this area is a wide open ramp leading to the statue of Radan.


General Informations

- The dungeon is way shorter in story mode.
- All 3 main areas are connected via small tunnels, filled with all kind of Agul and their familiars.
- Dungeon is on every run a bit different due to the random nature of Part II.


Difficulty: Story

The first time is probably when u have to go there for the main quest. On this difficulty is the dungeon compared to higher difficulties way shorter.
As soon you enter the dungeon you will notice a barrier with the NPC [Ian] in front of it. Talk to him and request the transportation. He will bring you, the brave adventurer, directly after to the last section of the dungeon: Radans Shrine.
Here you have to fight several smaller mobs like every other mob in the wilderness.
As soon you arrive at the main hall, you will get the sidequest "Save Chapley" right after the cutscene. In this quest has the Rider to save Chapley from Radan's Cult in 15 minutes. To do so, progress further and defeat all Merumi guards.
Be careful! If you are weak, try to pull single mobs out of the groups.
Guardians should use "Binding Summons" (pull ability), Mages a single target attack, Priests"Ellora's Mark", Assassins "Daggertoss". A Berzerker should be more careful since you don't have a ranged attack. If that's the case, try to walk slowly towards them and back, as soon they start to chase you.

The Merumi in the middle section won't attack you unless you start to attack them. this does not mean that you should ignore them. Because as soon you save Chapley they will start to attack. So pull/attack only 4 at a time and all when you feel safe all at once.

After this you reach Chapley, you have to kill 2 more Merumi. When they are defeated, save her: Rightclick in "Standard Mode" on the altar and Alt+Rightclick when you Play in "Action Mode". After she is saved, some Merumi's will spawn behind you, so be careful.

Now you have to face Ankelion.


Boss: Ankelion


Ankelion is ranged > keep moving sideways when you are playing a ranged class. Or simply block or dodge her attacks when you Play Guardian/Assassin or Berzerker.
She will attack you with normal attacks and 2 Skills.

Frozen Scatter Shot:
Ankelion shoots after some time in a cone in in the direction she is facing - block the skill as a Guardian, dodge it as an Assassin or simply walk behind her to avoid getting hit.

Frozen Barrage:
Ankelion wants to unleash a barrage shot onto you. Try to dodge the skill as an Assasin or block the initial damage as a Guardian. Mages can use "Mana Shield" to minimize the damage dealt by the initial damage of the ability. In the next step, you have to get out of the blue circle (indicator) on the ground. This is the area where the arrows will land, damage and stun you when you don't move away. So keep moving and don't forget to deal damage.

This was it. Ankelion is dead and Radan awakes.


Boss: Radan's Eye


He is also ranged, so the basic strategy is the same like before.
He uses also one Special attacks:

Strong Gaze:
A big Explosion. Get away! He will deal massive damage as soon he casts the spell. try to move past the second circle on the ground. (If you look on the ground you see 3 circular circles around the Boss as part of the actual ground. So don't expect an Indicator here)


Rider. You are now ready to succeed in the Cavern of the Veil on Story difficulty.



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    Difficulty: Elite+

    Elite and higher difficulties are different compared to runs on story mode. First of all, the dungeon is not shortened. You are going to do the complete dungeon with all it's 3 parts.


    Consider to enter the dungeon with two (2) more Riders or one (1) - two (2) more advanced ones. Ideal for the first run on Elite or higher is a full Lvl.29+ Party with every class in it.

    When you enter the dungeon, wait for your team members to join as well, so the Priest can buff the Party with Ellora's Mark and the Guardian with Pledge of Duty, Pledge of Power or Pledge of Brilliance. The Buff from the Guardian is depending on the situation or the Party you are in. E.g, If the Party consists of more than one Mage, Pledge of Brilliance will work well. If the Party is mostly Physical (Assassin/Berzerker/Guardian), Pledge of Power is the buff for you. in every other Situation is Pledge of Duty never a bad idea. More defense won't hurt anyone.
    Additionally, It's time to summon Pets.
    (Tipp: Don't let them attack hostiles, change to Standby Mode.)

    As soon the Party is buffed and ready to go, progress through the first tunnel with some weaker enemies. Those enemies are weak when they are alone but strong in a Group.

    A rock blocks the way of to the first great hall , or also known as Part I.
    Behind the rock is the great water flooded area. Proceed through the Merumi and Agul to the first Boss located in the centrum of the area.
    Just watch out for ranged hostile Targets. Try to pull them to your Party when you are playing as a Guardian.


    Boss: Killian

    Bilder oder Fotos hochladen

    Killian is a melee ranged fighter. Next to him are two Merumi Priests.
    He attacks the Group with normal attacks and one special ability.

    Cold Rage Strike:
    Empowered attack. Deals more damage than a normal attack and has a knockback (Stun) effect.
    The best way to avoid the attack is going away from him or dodging/blocking the skill.

    1. Guardian should focus on holding the threat level and staying alive. Priests should stay behind in the entrance altogether with other ranged classes.
    2. Kill his companions to lower the overall danger.
    3. Deal damage to him.
    (Advanced strategy: Try to destabilize him for more control and an overall easier fight.)
    4. Don't get hit by Cold Rage Strike.


    Killian won't be the last boss on your journey through the caverns.
    Move forward to the next area but don't forget the remaining enemies on the path to Part II. You will find yourself in a small tunnel between Part I and Part II. Here are a bunch of Agul, grouped and stacked together, like in the tunnel at the dungeon entrance.


    Part II is the most complicated and random part of the dungeon.

    There are multiple Waterway Gates with different symbols on it. The first gate will open as soon someone uses a Waterway Switchgear, located at the South Gate Control.

    Bilder oder Fotos hochladen

    Waterway Switchgears are opening one of the following gates:

    - Square
    - Circle
    - Moon
    - Star
    - Triangle
    - Diamond

    There is a high chance to meet one of two possible Bossmonster in this Section of the dungeon.
    One is located behind the gate with the Square. The another one is behind the Moon gate.
    But there is a chance to get to none of the two bosses. this is the case when the gates are opening in this particular order:
    Circle > Triangle > Star


    Boss: Skalion


    Skalion is located behind Square/Diamond gate.
    He is a melee fighter with two special abilities.

    Claw Cross Slash:
    Empowered attack. Deals more damage than a normal attack.
    The best way to avoid the attack is going away from him or dodging/blocking the skill.

    Spin Slash
    After a Charge, he Begins to spin and slide on the floor. Nearly unsurvivable if you are inside his attack radius. Best Option is to go away from him and wait till he finished to spin around.

    1. Care for his companions. Try to pull them first before the Boss fight starts.
    2. Watch out for his special abilities.
    3. Ranged players and Priests should stay behind to offer support for melee classes.


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    Boss: Zenkit

    Zenkit is a melee ranged fighter with one major special attack.
    He has also some Agul as companions and is also able to summon more of them.

    Sticky Snare:
    single target spell: slows the target

    Iron Jaw:
    Single target stun: This attack is not dodgeable and blockable. Stay back and let him hit the air. Otherwise, you are getting stunned for a few seconds.

    1.No special strategy needed. Ranged classes stay behind and Guardian tries to hold the threat level.


    Part III is also on this difficulty the last chapter of the dungeon.
    The layout is nearly 1:1 the same as in Story Mode. More information's in the section of the guide: Difficulty: Story.
    There are only some Merumi more in the first section of the room.

    The final boss fight is this time a bit different.


    Boss. Ankelion

    Phase I

    Ankelion is still the same. Use the same strategy like before.
    She will use one more special ability:

    Summon Followers
    Summons two Merumi.Two Temple Protectors (1 Melee+ 1 Ranged)
    1. The Same strategy like before, just watch out for her companions.
    2. Watch out for an Agul Horde. they will spawn randomly and start to attack the Party from behind. they are coming from the statue of Radan.

    As soon Ankelion dies, she will get resurrected by Radan's Eye. This is the beginning of Phase II


    phase II

    Boss: Ankelion + Radan's Eye

    this time you have to face with your Party Ankelion and Radan's Eye at once. They start to use even more special abilities compared to lower difficulties.

    Final Struggle (Ankelion):
    AOE attack with high damage Output. Can only be casted as soon her hitpoints are under 50%.

    Go away, block, dodge or shield the attack in order to survive.
    If you prefer to run away, turn around and run. Running backward is a bad idea due to the slower walking. ( You are simply faster-running forward than backward)

    Power of Healing (Radan's Eye):
    Radan will heal himself a bit and summon Merumi to protect him. He will only cast this when he has lost some health.

    Stern Look (Radan's Eye):
    A wide AOE attack. Deals damage over time in a large area around him. Will stun you for a small moment sometimes and block Combos.

    Easy to avoid by running out of the range.

    There are two ways to defeat both.

    - Guardian gets aggro (high threat level) of Ankelion. Try to let her face away from your party members.
    - The priest should focus on healing the tank.
    - Mage can try to get aggro of Radan's Eye. Move sideways to dodge Radan's normal attacks.
    - Rest should focus on killing Radan's Eye.
    - Don't forget to watch out for his special attacks like Strong Gaze or Stern Look.

    - Guardian gets aggro of both and fight with your party Ankelion normal.
    - Watch out for the special attacks of both.
    - Kill Radan's Eye after Ankelion.

    After Radan's Eye is Ankelion the next.
    Fight her like before and watch out for her special attack Final Struggle.

    That's it. You and your Party were successful.



    There are currently 2 tameable Mounts in the dungeon.

    Lahav (Elite)


    Lahav is a turtle located in Part I of the dungeon (Cult Barracks).
    Can be found there at Elite and Heroic difficulty.
    Needs Lahav Mark for taming.

    Abyssal Coatra (Elite)


    Abyssal Coatra is a Saurus located like Lahav in Part I of the dungeon on Heroic difficulty.
    For taming is needed a Merumi tear.

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    I will list the most important loot from the dungeon here:

    - Corrupted Weapon and Armor Set can drop from all dungeon bosses.
    - Tempering Stones (Drops from all Bosses)
    - Recipes for Lahav and Venemous Caspert from the Bosses.
    - Merumi Tears, the taming mark for Lahav. Can drop from all bossmonsters in the dungeon and with a small chance from normal Merumi.
    - Radan's Tear from Ankelion and Radan's Eye.
    - Ruinous Weapons, Ring and Necklace (legendary) from Ankelion and Radan's Eye.
    - And even more... Find it out for yourself.


    Author Note:
    That's it. That was my strategy guide about Cavern of the Veil. Its my first Guide I ever wrote in a language that is not the language I grew up with. It was a great experience and I hope I was able to write an understandable, correct guide about one of the dungeons of Riders of Icarus. To all reading this: Have a nice day and may be Artin Looter King with you ;)
    - Gladiolus

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