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Wizard skills #101 guide [complete]

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Hi wizards, mages and warlocks! I'm introducing you a lvl 25+ wizard skills guide. I didn't describe here the pure basics, because at this lvl you should know something about your skills. For rotations you should look in SamChan's guide. This one is just to describe things that you might not know about some important skills.
Let's start.

1. Buffs from your spells.
1.1. Using fire magic gives you a magic attack buff stackable to 5, which gives you 4% magic attack increase per stack, so after 5 fire spells you have +20% magic attack. This buff is called inner flame.
1.2. Using ice magic gives you still waters, a critical rate buff stackable to 5 stacks and gives you 4% magic critical rate per stack. So after 5 ice spells you have +20% crit rate.
1.3. Light based skills apply surging light buff on you, stackable to 5 stacks, which gives 4% cast time reduction per stack, so having 5 stacks of light magic buff makes your casting 20% faster.
1.4. Using dark skills gives you another stackable buff, which stacks to 5 and I believe it's the most powerful one, but it's also a debuff. It gives 0,5% health and mana regeneration (the percentage of your max hp/mana) per stack every 2 seconds, so at max it regenerates 2,5% of max hp and mana every 2 seconds. But as I wrote, it's also a debuff. It reduces your damage by 5% per stack, and increases cast time by 2% per stack. So, at max it reduces your attack by 25% and your casting is 10% slower.
1.5. You can have 2 buffs from your magics, because you can't have buffs from opposite elements at the same time (you can't have +20% attack and +20% ctit rate, because it's fire and ice, but you can mix buffs of fire and light, ice and darkness, fire and darkness, ice and light.)

2. Light.

light blast - gives you a 10 sec buff with another -10% cast time, so your cast time can be reduced by 30% for a short time. The more important thing is that light blast reduces your threat lvl, which in short terms means that it drops aggro of enemy from you to someone else in your party. It's really useful when you are in a party with tank who has problems with keeping aggro, so you spam light blasts to drop aggro on tank.

Another important skill is thunderstorm. It's useful in dungeons against casual mobs, because it's basically a stunning field which holds the mobs in one place and deals little damage. It becomes dangerous when you stop mobs with thunderstorm and then cast some AOEs (fire storm, infernal meteor, ice storm, glacial meteor) on them. It makes a deadly trap. Also, SamChan in his wiz guide wrote, that thunderstorm is good for pvp. I believe it is, but didn't try it. I'm not a pvp player so I probably won't try. My guide is only for pve.

3. Darkness

Now something about dark skills. Dark skills are my favourite ones cuz I'm a bad guy and I'd be glad if we had more of 'em.
Ok, let's get serious.
Now something about special effects of certain dark skills. DARK AFFICTION is your must-have in a slotbar. It's one of the most important wizard skills. It gives you and your party members a buff called dark extasy which heals for 1,5% hp and mana per 2 seconds for 10 seconds and FULLY RECOVERS ZERK'S RAGE AND ASSASSIN'S STAMINA when hits the enemy.
Gripping curse is your friend against single mobs in legendary carleon, when someone aggroes a mob behind the party. You can quickly stop the mob in place with this skill, and do some damage with AOEs. It's basic effect is a 7 sec debuff that reduces move speed of the target by 100%, that's why enemy won't move. Also, if combined with dark affiction, it gives your target a debuff with +50% cast time so umax at the breach casts his collapsing announcement in 16,5 sec. Also works on carleon and his bloodsucker, which also casts longer with this debuff.

4. Fire

As I said, it's not for pure basics so let's start with AOEs.
Fire storm - basic fire AOE, deals some damage over the area, and when you use it then link with infernal meteor, the second skill has 0.1 sec cast time
Infernal meteor - advanced fire AOE, deals huge damage over the area, has 0.1 sec cast if linked with fire storm. Burns the targets in the area, allowing you to insta cast ice fang with triple damage.

5. Ice

In general, most of the wizards build their talents in the way of fire because it gives int and greater dps. This makes ice skills weaker than their fire versions. Well they're weaker by default, but they are still useful.

Hail storm - icy version of fire storm. If you use it and link with glacial meteor, the second skill has 0.1 cast time.
Glacial meteor - icy version of infernal meteor. Weaker damage but still good. Has 0.1 cast time if linked with hail storm.
Ice fang - surprise but the basic skill which we get at 1st lvl is useful. If your enemy is frozen (status effect of ice spells) has insta cast with double damage. If your enemy is burning, has insta cast with triple damage, that's why it's the best and fastest way to switch from 5 stacks of fire to 5 stacks of ice buff.
Frozen blessing - well, it doesn't stack nor cancel any elemental buff, just like mana shield, but this one is really tough. It's a neutral spell that gives you a 7 seconds of... ALMOST IMMORTALITY. You can cast it and then stand inside a group of few skeletons on llc 3 and be alive as long as the shield lasts, considering you don't have karasha gear, so yeah, this shield is really, really tough. I don't recommend to use it along with manashield tough, because if your mana ends, you die really fast. So you turn on a frozen blessing and either kite and wait for mana to recover (dark affiction appreciated) or kill the enemy in 7 seconds of your tanky shield.

6. Mounted skills.
Dark blessing - I was surprised last time when I was doing tb h1 with a guildmate (a little undergeared wizard, I was helping him to do it.) and at the discordia he asked me: where do you get that 20k+ hp on mount? I told him about dark blessing and it's important effects.
So this skill gives you 10% magic attack, 1k hp and 50% hp!
It's really useful for a wizard due to his low survivability. So the first thing I do when I'm going on a mounted fight is this skill. The effect lasts for 5 mins and cd is 1 min so you can cast it again and again and have something like a permanent buff this way. But when you get off the mount, the buff disappears.
Rapid fire - a little unfair because it's second effect buffs only physical classes, but no matter. The cd reduction is really good if you don't have eq with it. It allows you to make a very damaging rotation: explosive shot, focused barrage, explosive shot, focused barrage... I recommend it.
Ok, so I think that's all. Comment and leave your opinion, experienced mages. And you, new adepts of magic arts, learn from your fellow wizards ;)
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