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[GUIDE]Gear Guide for Priest by SydolinEmuna

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It’s just a quick, brief guide for lvl40 priests about gear/stat and familiars.I will update this guide as lvl cap increase and new sets come.

My build is kinda mixed, I wanted to have more dps for world bosses.

What I look for while buying items

Supreme gear has intelligent as fixed stat so, for non-fixed parts :
Hat : Evasion,cons or hp
Shoulders : cooldown or cast time reduction depending on my accessories and lance.
Chest: Intelligent,cons or hp
Gloves: Magic critical rate, intelligent,cons or hp
Boots: Intelligent,cons or hp
Scepter: Magic critical rate,intelligent or magic atk
Crest : Magic attack %
Lance: Cooldown reduction,magic critical rate
Crossbow: Magic crit rate,int, magic atk ,cast time reduction
Necklace: magic atk % , cooldown reduction
Rings : Health % or cast time reduction
Bracelet: magic attack %

The reason I care evasion is to dodge boss skills.Magic crit rate for destabilizing and magic attack to dps at world bosses and be able to do solo dungeons.

What I perefer as seal

I have phantoms at my armors and lance ; venomus casperts at my scepter (3 slot)and crossbow.(3 slot)If I could afford max all stat venomus caspert seals I would put them to my gear but we keep changing sets with new lvl cap and I’m doing fine in dungeons so no need to spend money.(Thats the reason I didn't switch karasha or twilight kargyle seals)The reason is phantom gives 19 all stat and caspert gives 23 all stat.So additional 4 more stats.I sacrifice like 150 hp but,cons is more valuable than hp as it gives crit attack defence and %health stat is calculated on constitution.

What I prefer as pet

I use Rondo if I do dps.But as healer I look for cooldown reduction.
When lvl cap was 35 max.I did fine with blue frost wyvern as it gives %35hp as passive and % 20 cd reduction for 20 seconds, and taslan with %10 cd reduction passive.So I used taslan to heal normal and in dangerous moments in FK changed to blue frost wyvern and use buff then switch taslan back for %30 cd reduction.
With lvl cap 40 I still kept blue frost wyvern but switched to abagne as it gives 2 minutes cd reduction buff (%15 I guess), after I use 2 min buff I switch to rondo and use wyvern buff in dangerous moments. I did fine in legendary dungeons.I switch to my second abagne to keep myself buffed all the time.
I switch to glorious accessory set for additional cooldown and cast time reduction.

What I prefer as mount
Void Kargyle for awesome %35 magic attack buff.I have +3k dps for jumawu on it.(legendary +13 runious bow, would be better with jumawu bow)For Trauna and Attaius, I would use Femuto because of cd reduction buff.I wish to tame Hameon also.

As ground mount,I have profane apocalypse for %magic attack

Let me end the topic with my teammates screen shot while we are waiting Faudrus to spawn :D Feel free to pm or mail me in game to ask questions SydolinEmuna , EU Akaldus server.



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    So good guide 100/5
  • SydolinEmunaSydolinEmuna
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    Update for lvl50 Gear :

    I already had a nice lvl40 supreme set so I directly switched to karasha set. I had like 17k-20k hp with pet and was able to do all legendary L1-2 when they first come out. Now it's even easier since the remove debuffs in legendary lava,carleon and matren , you can survive with supreme gear tempered +10 with cons/hp/cd/ct stats 2 slot with phantom max seals linked.

    For lvl50 gear, if you only aim to survive in higher legendary dungeons 2 slot Tyrent set (+10, if possible +15 if you have elluns) with heroic seals (karasha the dark one or panos depending which one u can afford even phantom may work) and glorious accessory set , %hp or cast time on rings , % magic crit rate or cool down on necklace will be enough.Have abagne as pet for additional cooldown and cast time.Also have rondo to get additional speed and %hp.Jumawu crossbow is also good , it has %10 speed as fixed stat.As long as tank don't miss pulling some ranged mobs you will be fine and watch videos in my other guide for dungeon tactics.

    If you aim for spire/ solo dungeon runs you need to use magic atk seals

    You can try to perfect your 2 slot tyrent set with all intelligent stats and all magic atk seals like caspert/ void kargyle / poyo and even Hameon as legendary seal that gives all stats-magic atk and hp.Get karasha scepter 3 slot int/magic atk or crit rate if you can afford and temper it as high as you can.Karasha crest with % magic atk and accessory set ( necklace with % magic atk, rings with %hp or cast time ) 3 slot jumawu crossbow with magic atk or int stats for kiting.Or karasha crossbow 3 slot if you can afford , may be cheaper as new lvl cap and sets will come.

    Another option is legendary set lvl40 Karasha gear.It has all you need in fixed stats ( last 3 stats on gear ) So even top 2 stats are bad, you get what you need to survive.My karasha gear is all 3 slot with caspert/ void kargyle / poyo / Hameon / Calypto seals, trying to change old seals with new ones as i tame and seal. And for random top 2 stats on my gear are not all int sadly. I can say using legendary refining stones and try to perfect your stats is way more expensive than heroic ones.Since 1 armor refining stone is 500g in market atm ^^ But the advantage is 3 slot that you can cover up with seals anyways.I have hp/cons/will on my overall set and only int on my gloves.I finished 20th floor in spire and most of the time in top 30 in Akaldus server.I have +30k hp in legendaries and can survive in all L5 lava,carleon and matren.I had no problem reaching max cooldown and max magic crit rate, even i didn't have those stats on my pauldrons ,gloves or nekclace.Thanks to Karasha set effect and fixed stats.I already explained above about karasha accessory set, crest and scepter.Just will put 2 calypto seals to get max magic crit rate inside trauna and attaius also ( debuff reduces your crit rate) But if you have those stats you can link hameons.Just look at your stats and plan your seals and there are many different seals in ellora's shop, like romantic carriage for example released for valentines day events,I have commander rondo 1 sealed and 1 as pet. Keep following events for different seals.

    I will update as new lvl cap and set comes but the stats I look for on the sets won't change at all.This time i will try to get 3 slot ones with int stats already because im not lucky with refining legendary appearantly ^^ Feel free to ask questions and have fun ! :)
  • SydolinEmunaSydolinEmuna
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    Update Exalted Gear

    It's been a while they came out , i still couldn't finish crafting my set guys ^.^

    Frost Keep Legendary > Drops boots and gloves
    Caver of Veil Legendary > Drops helm and shoulders also exalted accessories
    Breach Legendary > Drops weapon,off-hand, chest

    You can do fractura for fragments and try to craft your own items, but they may fail..
    I succeed crafting chest piece 3 slot but bad stats
    Dropped the boots at fk l5 3 slot again but bad stats
    A friend of mine crafted shoulders for me 2 slot but with cooldown and cast time, so i will use it till i get 3 slot version

    Basically will try to refine as i drop or buy refining stones to get at least 1 int at random stats (except shoulders, i like cast time on it)
    For accessory set i aim for ancient set %m.atk on necklace and %hp or cast time on rings.I hope i can find it :D

    As seal im planinng to put Rodesh / Runelon / 1-2 poreon , will try to fill with graveon until i achieve those, we will see :)

    I hope this update was usefull for you, take care ;)