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[EU][Koroshimo]Level 6 Guild Imperium recruites

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Hello everyone :),

We are an Lv. 6, Endgame focussed Guild,
which has some free slots for good players.
The amount of slots we offer is limited, so don't hesitate.

Also, are we currently allied with the Guild [-----], in the Alliance [----------].

We offer:

◆ Daily Raid runs for Attaius and Tranua
◆ Groups for Legendary Dungeons on L5 difficulty
◆ People to form Raid Groups for ALL Cloying Wastes Wbs, including Zenon and Kashim.
◆ Success in the Manastone War
◆ Help for reset taming Heroic and Legendary Familiars
◆ Drop Rate Partys ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
◆ All Guild buffs, such as:
◆► 5% HP/Mana/movemet speed/phy and magic attack /phy and magic crit rate
◆► 10% drop rate
◆► 3% PvP attack / def / resistance
◆ And overall alot of friendly and knowledgeable people

We expect you to :

◆ be Lv.50+
◆ have at least full Heroic Seals
◆ be mentally 18+ (and at best also physical)
◆ understand basic English
◆ be willing to use Discord and possess a Microphone
◆ decent knowledge of your class
◆ not be offendet by some bad humor xD
◆ have somewhat friendly behavior
◆ respect others Guild Members Oppinions, even if you might not fully agree with them

Bad or racist behavior will result in a Kick!

◆ Not coming online for more than 4 Days, without having told a Reason to an Officer, will also result in a Kick.
◆ However if you miss to tell someone, you have a chance to be re-invited with a valid Reason, and Slot being free.

If you feel like joining our Guild whisper one of the following people ingame for further discussion:

◆ BoomBoomPow
◆ Backsito
◆ Hitty
◆ RazvanC88

updated: 21.1.2017