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Im looking for a guild on NA Baellas

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Hello Fellow Riders my handle is MewSynk i play on NA/Baellas as a Guardian lv 23 at the moment looking to learn what it take to run a guild so i would like to join one and learn the ins and outs of the guild I'm a casual player because internet limitation so i usually solo a lot but would like to gain some friends in game as well as IRL. (i don't have to many pc gamer friends) I started playing near the end of open beta so i know a bit but would like to learn more can't wait to start playing with all of you If you need more information or have question dm me on discord(MewSynk #9452) or in game(MewSynk) or twitter(@MewSynk) if id would be a great addition to your guild or if you're looking for someone to play with