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Question about Level 41 Skill Book

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Hello everybody, I have a question about Ranger's Level 41 Skill Book, Ranger's Triumph: the tooltip doesn't really explain what it does, so I was wondering if any explanation has been given before or if somebody else knows.
Thank you!


  • EntrenchedsoulEntrenchedsoul
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    Cant you just learn it and see what it does? If its an active skill you don't have to bind it to keys if you don't like what it does. If its passive then obviously its a buff that shouldn't interfere with any other buff nor will it worsen your character.

    If your asking because you are planning on buying it from market id suggest not buying it from market and going out to farm it. I Don't know whether its a quest item or a drop but I ensure you if you don't need it yet you can save your gold and farm it for later.