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NA[Kalas] Lupos recruits players and guild in game

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edited January 17, 2017 in North American Servers
Lupos is latin for wolf/wolfs,
We are a Guild/Alliance that work togheter as a pack for PVE aspects. Our goal is to grow bigger and enjoy this game as much as possible.
To be invited to guild or contact me whisp me in game on "sunnis" if not responding, just send me a ingame mail and i send back an answer whenever i can.

1: English in Gchat/AllianceChat
2: Treat others with respect. No harassment or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.
3: Be helpful and help guild members whenever possible.
4: Always try to represent the guild in a positive manner to the rest of the game server.
5: No cheating, hacking, or exploiting in any way.
6: We will not tolerate beggars.

(>^_^)> i hope we all enjoy this game togheter and ride it to the end. <(^_^<)