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Blinks = dashes?

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Is it just me or when you time your blink perfectly with enemy's strike, you won't get any damage?
I saw that if you blink towards a missile anywhere outside legendary dungeons, the missile will never hit you (well, outside of legendaries you can just avoid missiles by moving). It works only if I blink towards the missile, but not if I blink backwards (unless I use the backward blink when standing with my back turned to the missile). I also saw that sometimes if you blink through the physical enemy while he strikes, you have some chance to avoid damage.
Well, blinking towards missile works even on legendary difficulties, but you need perfect timing for it. Not sure if close-up combat blinking works like dashing on legendaries.


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    you will, you only dont get damage if u stagger the enemy at the same time, for example casting dark affliction then teleporting forward will not damage you if you stagger the enemy before it hits you.

    blinking should have a 0.5 second resist/or immunity in my opinion , like asssasin, because even if you blink you will get hit across map. its silly