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Sage- Moderator Application

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Morning, I am sage or more formally known in discord as Hameon.

A brief description of why you think you are a right fit to become a VFM.
-I cannot say I dedicate a lot of my time to playing the game, however I have always greatly enjoyed answering questions about the game and helping out other players any time I can. While I many not dedicate my time to the game I do spend a lot of time learning about the game and how it works in order to help any way I can. I have loved the game since I started during the first Beta.

What do you hope to achieve and provide for the community as a VFM.
-I hope to provide a closer bond with the game/players/and Gm's in a way that the players can feel that there is a connection and relationship with trust that "we" will be there to help them in any way as much as possible as well as just provide a strong support system for our old and new players.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities? If so please explain.
-I do. I was once a mod for a game called mythcreas, however I stepped down as I was no longer needed at the time.

Do you speak and write in other languages other than English? If so, please state which languages
-I can speak and write Spanish as well. And if necessary, I can work with Ukrainian speakers.
  1. Am I fit to be a Volunteer Forum Moderator for Riders Of Icarus?9 votes
    1. Yes
       11% (1 vote)
    2. No
       89% (8 votes)


  • AellaeAellae
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    "-I cannot say I dedicate a lot of my time to playing the game, "

    yeeea, no, sorry. This statement right here made me instantly vote no and not even finishing reading the rest of your post :s
  • GorthicasGorthicas
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    un conseil si tu veux pas te faire insulter évite de devenir GM pour un jeu qui cash tout le temps et qui remet en cause ses utilisateur et non eux, tu vas reçevoir masse de mp insultant