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Sage- Moderator Application

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Morning, I am sage or more formally known in discord as Hameon.

A brief description of why you think you are a right fit to become a VFM.
-I cannot say I dedicate a lot of my time to playing the game, however I have always greatly enjoyed answering questions about the game and helping out other players any time I can. While I many not dedicate my time to the game I do spend a lot of time learning about the game and how it works in order to help any way I can. I have loved the game since I started during the first Beta.

What do you hope to achieve and provide for the community as a VFM.
-I hope to provide a closer bond with the game/players/and Gm's in a way that the players can feel that there is a connection and relationship with trust that "we" will be there to help them in any way as much as possible as well as just provide a strong support system for our old and new players.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities? If so please explain.
-I do. I was once a mod for a game called mythcreas, however I stepped down as I was no longer needed at the time.

Do you speak and write in other languages other than English? If so, please state which languages
-I can speak and write Spanish as well. And if necessary, I can work with Ukrainian speakers.
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