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Stemus Simul! Recruit all levels! (Koroshimo - EU)

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Hey there!

Guild name - Stemus Simul ("We Stand Together - Latin)
Age Group - Any
Level Range - 15+

Please Read everything below for information on the guild/members and how best to get an invite!

Stemus Simul is just a casual guild, we aren't looking to top the leader boards or be the best with server first tames or the best gear and we aren't here to rush through content and then complain on the forums that the game isn't updating enough, its a MMO, slow down people!

Instead we are a guild that focuses more on enjoying content and being social together just running dungeons and playing the game for what it is. Currently we are a level 3 guild with around 25 players. Members working during the week/day make the guild a lot more casual than others and we are only really active at the weekends and evenings during the week, sometimes people don't have the time to run dungeons etc and just want to do dailies, we get that! The only thing that will get you kicked from the guild is not being logged on for 2 weeks!

Myself and various other members want to create a community of players more so than a guild, in-turn creating a game where you want to log on and dungeon with each other, to the point where you aren't logging on to dungeon and play with guild members but with international friends, so you will see people come and go, many have, but the members that have stayed could back me up and say it does make the game more enjoyable and fun.

To get an invite to the guild, please mail me in-game! I check it daily! Ign - "Mong"
If you can't get hold of me, please feel free to message any of the officers, although this is a final resort as i should reply when i next log in!
- "Blackdragonelf"
- "Shabika"

Other notes to finish everything off would be :
- we do have a discord, where the current core members of the guild are a lot more social and friendly talking outside of the game, but also gives us a chance to catch members when they are offline and keep connected!
- Myself (leader) has a youtube channel! Called GameOn, once the guild is abit more active with more members hope to start recording guild content, dungeons. world bosses etc
- Alot of members from europe, as said active weekend/evenings, so if your outside our timezone you may not catch us, but i try to be on in the mornings from like 8-12 and the evenings from 8-12!

Thanks for stopping by ^^


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    hi is still on going? i kinda wanted to hear since i am planning on returning to the game after a long break from it i'm a lv 41 wiz on kuroshimo under the name of MissKoru so i wanted to hear if your still up for recruit ment or is this a dead thread?