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NA/Baellas/PvX/ lvl 1/Casual or Addicted

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Hiya, I'm zephreya and I recently just got back into playing Riders of Icarus. I wanted to make a Guild where people who like the game but also have other things to do outside of the game are welcomed and don't have a fear of being kicked because they can't get online every day. Niflheim is a new guild looking to fill up her ranks with old and new players who are sociable, helpful, fun, active and interested in all aspect of the game.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
Be helpful to others.
keep arguing out of chat. (we are here for fun and to escape reality guys If you have an issue talk in PM's to the person or PM me if the Issue continues)
Inactive for more than 20 days and you will be removed.
No cheating, please. (Again its a game, not that serious)
18+ years of age to join (I'm Laid back so anything can be said in chat unless it's insulting or hurtful to others)
level 10+

That's all really xD
To join Reply to this or Message Zephreya in game