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Elicuno Failed Taming

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I just attempted to tame Elicuno.I had all the taming buffs you can think of...

Everything seemed to be going well, There was just a sliver of red at the beginning of the fail bar, and a sliver of green left to go on the success bar. Just as I got my last key to press (which I achieved), the red bar just immediately shot up it's entirety and I failed the tame.

I know other people have experienced this same thing with other familiars. It is so upsetting and discouraging to have taken the time to farm the materials, get the buffs etc, just to have this happen. It shouldn't happen. If the tame is THAT close to success, and the entire fail bar is practically empty, it should be a successful tame.

I understand that taming these things shouldn't be easy, but come on.


  • daenidaeni
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    Again one of the downers this game has. And no one that can will explain exactly what the Dev's are using or doing other than this is working "correctly" or as it should.

    WE have posted on this and the GM's and Mod's have said they would take what was suggested to them but IDK.
    I have failed on Shakiba 13 times now and i simply gave up.
    The RNG system they use is so UN-balanced and frankly i think it fails more than people let on. But those that seriously farm these for w/e purposes, they have seem to do better. Maybe its because they simply go at them with a large number of both people and marks that the system is over-whelmed.
  • DamDam
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    I have experienced this as well. It doesn't seem like a regular, unlucky failed tame. It sounds more like a bug/glitch. :/
  • SemiMongSemiMong
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    It is a bug/glitch and they dev's fail to acknowledge this let alone fix it, that's nexon for you, if i had a singular penny for every god damn mount failed at 99% or every level 10 commons familiar i've failed at level 55 i'd be rich.
  • VanoaVanoa
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    its a bug yes lvl 53 and 99% fail with buffs and i am lvl 67 i got 8 x today fail wtf