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Magic Crit vs Magic Damage vs Overall Damage

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Sorry if this topic has been beat to death but I'm still a bit confused which one of these is most applicable towards the Ranger.
Right now I'm standing around 13K DPS - 95% Crit Rate and about 3500 Crit Damage. I'm trying to optimize my TOTAL dmg dealt and still be around 30K health.
My Ruinous Arrow / Explosive? attack deals around 60-80K just to kind of give you guys a baseline of where I'm at...now my confusion begins..

Does OVERALL dmg apply to both magical critical and non-crit magic attacks (eg. Hameon seals)?
IS DPS or Critical Dmg (with high crit rate) more important for a ranger?

That being said...

1) Should I go after Hameon-like seals to max out overall damage and possibly drop some crit rate % and magic crit dmg?
2) Should I go after MAX Crit Dmg and not worry about the DPS # (I read in another post that crit dmg/% isn't calculated into DPS #'s)?
3) Should I go after MAX stats for intelligence/magic dmg and not worry about crit at all?
...or is there a better combo?

Just so that I'm being clear, I'm not worried about my Physical Attacks as I'm pretty sure that only applies to Vambrace attacks (which I rarely use except to boost my Chaos).
I'm a PvE player for the most part so PvP isn't really what I'm concerned about atm.

Sorry if these questions sound confusing but due to the lack of a dmg meter in this game, its really hard to gauge what really works and what doesn't.
I'm hoping the collective experiences of the Ranger community can help out on this one!



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    A lot of the same questions that I have had/researched.. from what I have been able to decipher is we should focus predominantly on Overall Attk as it effects a lot more than just basic attack and such. Seals like Hameno, Graveon, etc have been our best seals for a while. The majority of our top rangers for our server are teh same, they have all OA type seals in there.. none of them realyl focus on crit rate/crit dmg seals like Calypto and such..OA + Crit dmg seals (crit % if nto max) could be nice as well. I believe Crit rate/Dmg seals are better suited for the Wiz from what I ahve learned.. The only benefity of some extra Crit rate is to counter the debuff you get in spire.. Other than that, focus on all out Attk is what I have learned/recommend.. but then again, could be wrong but haven't really seen anything to contridict.. specially when the top 5 are all in this boat.. also, take a look at most of the uber mount/seals that they released/releasing, most are focused with OA and not specific to Magic or Phys..

    Just my 2c..

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    Still after all this time no one answered if Overall Attack damage affects Critical Damage ...