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Kalas server

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I am a mature lady and looking for a fun guild that is active, doesn't mind helping when it is truly needed, and understanding of the demands of real life. My main character is a lvl 51 priest. I have soloed almost the entire time I have been playing as the guilds I have joined in the past have all died. due to inactivity. I am looking for a place to stay. I hate jumping from guild to guild. I like to play the game with ppl I am familiar with their play style. I prefer pve play. Oh, and if it matters, my internet speed is only 20mps download, and 12 mps upload, which results in lag :(


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    Since the Hakain and Kalas Server Merge to “Teleos" – May 31, 2017 - What guilds are on the new server that are recruiting? Looking for a social guild, PVE focused and makes sure everyone treats each other with respect