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Familiar Farm Fostering RIpoff

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I paid for the upgrade 1.3 growth rate and despite being logged in almost continually since I bought it, the rate has never change from .3 (even though it shows 1.3)
Despite taking screenshots with the time stamp and familiar remaining growth time proving without doubt it isn't working they refuse to accept it is broken.

In fact they pushed out a patch where their 5th grade developers thought they would pull a fast one and add the "you have to be logged in for it to work". So I gave them more before and after screenshots since the patch. Their response? Closed my ticket claiming all is working. I can't even call it inept customer service because they are to the point where they will outright lie in the face of proof.


  • MiralidricMiralidric
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    The thing about the farm upgrade is this :
    - You need to online to get the 100% bonus
    - If you logg off/relog/switch characters it will go back to 0.3 so you need to enter your farm to get the 1.3 exp back
    Its kind of annoying since with so many bugs we need to relog and then go back to the farm.
  • daenidaeni
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    Face it! The whole thing is whacked. They need to revamp this as well as update it so it makes sense and works right. I don't buy the 'working as intended!"
    This statement is a broken record, it seems to be their catch-phrase to really do nothing, allowing it to rip you off.

    If you foster a familiar or pet, why does the thing take longer to level than if you're logged on and AFK? Even when you stay at your farm because of the upgrade?
    If you upgrade why does it only last 7 days? Those bloody coins take forever to get and you have to bust your butt just to keep it at that level if you want the perks.

    The whole thing is a gold sink and what they give you....well, maybe its upgrade/perks should be part of premium 30+ day service. Just my opinion of course.