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x2 looking for a Kalas home

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My wife and I are looking for a friendly, family oriented type guild to call home. We like what we see in the game so far, we are PVE lovers...no pvp.
Look forward to hearing from a guild.

Judgez -Guardian- Kalas NA server
Alt - Tripleshotz - Ranger
Alt - Zoltinz - Priest
Alt - Cubez - Mage


  • JustAmmJustAmm
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    greetings - we are looking for members, i assume you guys are both level 55 and properly geared?

    We are from hakain server but since hakain and kalas is merging in a few days, we will be in the same server ^^

    Visit us at Eaglesguild.uk and if you're interested submit an application ^^

    Guild Activities :

    World boss
    Fractura Parties
    Legendary Dungeons
    Support e.g Taming
    Discord/Website Oriented - 45/100% Voice Chat Members
    And more!

    Thank you.