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Ranged ability?

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Hi all,
I noticed that all classes but the Berserker have a ranged ability to pull, or do damage. why dosnt the Berserker have one?

Thanx, Judgez


  • Pythagoras88Pythagoras88
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    This is true, he has no ranged dmg ability however I feel they balance this with his 3 gap closer's. That being said its not always great to gap close on a boss. The zerk needs some way to kite these bosses. I would love to see a zerk with a dodge like the sin.. though it would need to be on a greater cooldown and maybe only 2 instead of 4 directions.
  • AcedicaAcedica
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    I've heard horror stories of the Berserker's CC not working at higher levels but I'll have to play more to be sure how it really works.

    I'd prefer if they kept the Zerker focused on stunning and knock-downs. Just... make them work all the time against mobs even elites. It feels great running a perfect rotation when soloing dungeons against the normal mobs so you can take no damage until you get to the boss. : D

    Then you get to the boss and he's like "rofl I hope you practiced your all in rotation because your CC doesn't mean ****"

    It's either that or give us one of these, all of which feel very *non* Berserker to me.

    - uber self heals
    - uber evasion/armor
    - ranged and kiting

    Just let Berzerkers stun the baddest bosses with good timing and charge time reduction.