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Eagles Recruiting - Hakain/Kalas/Teleios

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Eagles Guild Recruiting

Looking For :
- Level 55+
- Active
- Social
- Outgoing (willing to to raids, dungeon runs with fellow guilds,get involved in activities)
- Able to Gear oneself and not rely on others help to gear up (though help will be given of course)
- Adequate Knowledge of the game.
Visit us at Eaglesguild.uk and if you're interested for more information or to submit an application ^^
Guild Activities :

-World boss
-Fractura Parties
-Legendary Dungeons
-Support e.g Taming
-Discord/Website Oriented - 45/100% Voice Chat Members
- Guild Events/Activities
-And more!
Raid Distribution - Point based but not DKP, Raid system is fair to all
and doesn't mean just because one has more points then another
that the person with more points is entitled to win an item over the next person.

Current items used for Raid Points :
- Roa/Lenazar Accessories
- Apex Rider Skill book
- Torkai Mark
Karasha Items and Heroic Marks are all free for all based on your class and Exalted Recipes are class based also.
For more information - Visit Eaglesguild.uk

Thank you.