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Other MMOs (U tried or wanna try)

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Hello Everyone!

So, my first MMO was MUD, hungarian Elveszett VIlág (Lost World) when I was 13-14yrs old. I could play it at only at the school, cos at home we had no internet access, or even a computer.
After a long long break I can start again my adventures at the world of mmos :) I started play Aion. But nothing special there. I really enjoyed it at first, and I was really happy when the Bard (original Songweaver, but in EU Gamef.... changed the name of it, even the skills name too...) So a Bard, a Mage who can heal a bit too. More suit for me. But I am tired that I have to pay if I want to use the AH, and If I not pay I have a sell limit at the vendor too. It has a daily and a weekly sell limit too... In EU. So I quit.

I know WoW too, but my husband play with that.
I started Rift, Runes of Magic, TERA, some other MMOs, but download it and after some minutes and play times I quit it.

Now I gave a new chance to ArcheAge (as an Elf), cos I really wanted to try a game where I can be more than a normal sorcerer (or warrior, archery, and priest) and I like the idea to use more school (like skill trees), but I feel a bit that I force myself to discover that game too...
Btw, ROI is (for me) is a light version of AA :)

Maybe next time I give a try to Lineage 2, and waiting what Bless could give :)

So, what about your MMO life? :D


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    I played Ragnarok Online for 10+ years (on and off!) and then Fly For Fun (FlyFF) for 2 years pretty consistantly. I also tried Tree of Saviour, MapleStory, Trickster Online, and most recently I played Elder Scrolls Online to about max level :) (very boring)

    Hoping I can settle here now. Fingers crossed.
    Also I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks for making this topic @Holdfeny :)