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Lv 55 Ranger and talent frustration.

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ok, so Im still new to the game so figuring things out as I go, but whilst I like to learn things asking fellow riders is a good thing too.

So, I hit 55 the other day, and I was not too concerned about any sort of min/max or stat based chr at that point as the levelling can be done with good tamperd heroic gear. - and I enjoyed the questing, it gave me things to look forward too.

So 55 then, it got confusing, as I figured out I need not look for lvl 50+ gear instead look at the set at lvl 40 Legendary (Karsah set) sorry if thats mispelt and hope you can still identify it. - Anyway, I got the whole set on the market with focus on +intelligence and Crit damage to suit my build. - my DPS went through the roof, and I was happy!. but I was running all the "Bow" Talents.. and for max DPS I should of gone Chaos... - however things were running well, I could kill quick -50 on CDR and my lasting appeal was significantly improved with 20k+ HP....

Ok.. so I spent ages taming to raise the talent funds to reset and start over (that thing is harsh having to retame all over again) - so now I have the full set of Chaos.. sure my DPS went up a bit, but now I cant sustain any length of time in battle as my chaos just disappears so fast that my build is now hurt so bad.

Please advise me of how I rectify this. as I dont want to have to spend another few days taming all over again.

Oh and also For what its worth, I LOVE the way the Talents screen says, you can FREEly switch between them.... ok, its free. - but it will cost you 1 ellum! : )

Sorry for the long speech, ut just wanted ya'll to know where I was coming from.



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    Greetings fellow Ranger !

    I ran into the same issue as i first went full Chaos tree, so I understand what you're experiencing^^

    As a Ranger we spend a lot of time spamming our Chaos Arrow combo, because the damage output is just phenomenal. Of course we have other powerful skills which bring target debuffs, damage boosts and destabilize but at the end of the day we mostly spam Chaos Arrow.
    As i levelled up the first talent i bought was the Bow-20 talent which reduces the Chaos cost of Chaos Arrow, so I never really noticed any Chaos issue at that time.
    But as I switched to a full Chaos tree build, i immediately noticed my Chaos points draining really fast and I had to rethink my talents and my playstyle.

    There are indeed a couple of adjustments we Rangers can do to maintain our Chaos points throughout lengthy boss fights.

    First, through talents, assuming you're level-55 :
    The standard damage build is full Chaos tree + Bow-35 (+20% damage on Chaos Arrow). The last talent is where you get your Chaos management.
    We have the Bow-20 talent : Chaos Arrow combo costs 10 instead of 15 Chaos.
    Or the Bow-50 talent : While in Bow Stance, +10% Chaos regeneration (unfortunately very vague description...)
    The choice is up to you, the secondary effects of these talents may help deciding^^

    Second, through playstyle :
    Even with the right talent build, our Chaos drops throughout a lengthy boss fight so we have to regularly get into close quarters to use some melee skills, these bring a lot of Chaos back (and of course some important destabilizes) !
    Melee range can be fairly dangerous though, so don't forget to use backflip before jumping in with Flying Kick, then follow up with Double Kick/Slaughter and/or Crushing Blow and/or Double Strike, then backflip again to your safe shooting range.
    That's for the basic strategy while camping Bow Stance, but there are far better combinations with melee skills from Vembrace Stance, just test it^^
    Lastly if you don't use your Raven's Heart for the damage boost (Bow Stance) or the heal/immunity (Vembrace Stance), you can use it to get your Chaos points back !

    I hope it helps !
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    Always run with a wizard and have them spam dark affliction. Problem solved.
  • NumendiilNumendiil
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    Well, I should have stated these tips are meant for solo play !

    Anyway even in a group, it's always useful to be able to be self-sufficient.
    You won't always have a Wizard around, and more so a Wizard willing to sacrifice his/her DPS to support the other classes.

    That beeing said, I'll go a little off-topic to say it's sad nowadays that the Wizard class turns into a support class.
    "We have the tank, priest, ranger, sin, zerk, now we need a wizard for the dark affliction/ecstasy !" kind of becomes the norm.
    Though I can understand one Wizard lowering his/her DPS to provide every 5-6 seconds 100% Chaos, Rage and Energy to the Ranger, Zerk and Sin, in addition to some mana regen for the Priest is a no brainer. Still kind of sad^^