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[Teleo] Perihelion is Recruiting Actives!

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Perihelion is a friendly level 4 guild in the Aphelion alliance looking for all players that would want to join the community.
There are no requirements other than having discord(a voice/text chat that is free, similar to teamspeak but a bit easier to use), being active, and being on the Teleo server.

We offer Help, (A lot of)entertainment, and company. We do legendary dungeon runs, and we are willing to help.
We do not tolerate begging or pestering, or any kind of bullying inside of the guild or alliance, thank you.
Newbies are allowed to join, and we will help you, but we do not do any form of powerleveling, except helping with quests.

Please whisper or mail(If not online) Vivaldus, Zlymira or HorseSpirit327, exactly how they are spelled) if you would like to join our community.

I will respond quickly if you contact me on discord: Askyeren(Viva)#2589

Thank you for reading, and see you in-game. :)
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