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Stat/Gear Question

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So I have a question. I've been reading a lot old posts on the stats for the Wizard class and one I read is that to do a legendary Dungeon they recommend wizards to be at 18K mana 14k Health and 4K+ DPS. Now my question is how am i supposed to reach those numbers when techincally I'm supposed to be focusing on Int Magic Attack and Magic Crit Rate?

Right now I'm at lv 47
I am geared with Karasha Armor

Current Stats w/o buffs:
Mana- 8410
Health -8635
DPS - 3208
Magic Crit Rate - 71.43%

Am I on the right track or should I change something.


  • NumendiilNumendiil
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    Hi LaxAngelita !

    You are right to focus on damage stats as a Wizard, and wearing a full Karasha armor at lvl47 is already a good thing.
    But you didn't tell us what weapon you use, how high you tempered it, but most importantly what seal stones you have in your gear !

    We get our Mana and Health Points mostly from Wisdom and Constitution. So if you want to keep on focusing on damage but raise your Mana and HP, then you need to use heroic seal stones (or legendary) in your gear. Those bring an "All Attributes +XX" stat, and if you seal one in every slot of your gear, you should see your Mana and HP reach these recommended numbers without a problem.

    Considering your level, I guess you're questing in Cloying Wastes right now, so I would recommend you to look for the following mounts and tame them (or buy) :

    Poyo : seal stone lvl50 = Magic Attack 111-148 / All Attributes 21-25
    Tolus : seal stone lvl50 = Magic Critical Damage 127-175 / All Attributes 21-25

    Then go for Poyo/Poyo/Tolus in every gear piece, or just 2 Poyo if you have only 2 slots.
    (You can also replace a Poyo with a Voknos if you prefer)

    If you feel like you need more Magic Critical Rate, then go for :

    Longhorn Bajarn : seal stone lvl50 = Magic Critical Rate 3.96%-4.96% / All Attributes 21-25

    If you don't want to wait for lvl50 to make these stones, you can start with the equivalent mounts from Tritael Rift, namely :

    Void Kargyle : seal stone lvl40 = Magic Attack 101-136 / All Attributes 20-24
    Veldon : seal stone lvl40 = Overall Critical Damage 117-145 / All Attributes 20-24

    (Or even temporarily some Venomous Caspert from Parna's Coast)
    Check here if you need more infos on the seal stones and where to find the mounts : ridersoficarus.gamepedia.com/Seal_Stone

    For your weapon, the Karasha staff is now very low price on the market. Get one with 3 slots and if possible Intelligence and/or Mag Crit Rate as random stats on it.
    Temper it to +15 and you're good to go for a little while^^

    Now that you have raised your Wisdom and Constitution through the "All Attributes" values, you could push your Mana and HP even higher with %HP and %Mana stats on your Karasha rings, but that is not really a priority.

    As you level further, you should begin to replace your heroic seal stones with the legendary ones from the dungeons you're now running ! (Or Graveon/Shakiba from the open)
    I would recommend you to stick to your Karasha armor + weapon until you reach the new level cap (60) and then get yourself a heroic Forest staff as you're working on your BiS Exalted gear !

    Hope this helps !
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    Thank you so much. I actually have the Karasha Staff +13 3 slots with intelligence and magical crit rate. I will definitely start working on getting some Poyos and Tolus! Thank you!