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[FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest


  • FarantheaFaranthea
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    IGN: Fayana
    Server: Akaldus
    Skin Type: Pterodactyl ( Finion )
    Skin Name: The second Guardian


    Description: As the Offspring of Daleroth, Finion used to guard the Ellora Sanctuary alongside Torkai. But when the Chaos Elves started attacking, he fell in battle and lost his heart ( the crystal in his chest ). Whilst Torkai has been tainted by the chaos magic and retreated, Finion got send back in time, having lost not only his heart, but also his memories. One faint memory of what he was / would be in the future gave him the urge to restore his full conciousness, which made him steal the memories of the dead and turned him into the embodiment of oblivion. But because Stygaea is in a different time / reality, none of the memories he stole include any hints of what he used to be. His anger grows the more he fails in restoring his memories, but at the same time his physical presence is fading. Only a brave warrior of the presence, that fearlessly goes back in time to challenge Stygaea and find Finion to return his heart and restore his memories, shall succeed in having this awesome and misunderstood beast as a loyal companion.


    Details: His heart, the crystals on his wings and knees are slightly glowing ( like the horns of Elicuno, but less bright, so the colors are still visual ) As effects I hope it would be possible to give him falling leaves ( the ones from the tree Daleroth ) around his tail and wings. And to give him a speed boost, because the Stygaea Finion is rather slow :D

  • ZaerehZaereh
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    IGN: Zaereh
    Server: Akaldus
    Type of familiar: Wyvern
    Name: Aeon
    Description: This ancient beast has slowly become corrupted. Its body's colors have turned dark. but his insides still show the light this creature once possessed.
    No rider has yet been able to tame this ancient beast.

    For the design itself; I used fairly dark colors for its base, which shows its corruption.
    The golden and blue details glow, if possible.


    https://sta.sh/01m0v5anva73 High Quality version

    Due to work etc I wasn't able to add extra sideview, I hope it's clear enough as it is
    Good luck everyone!
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  • FieryLunarXFieryLunarX
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    IGN and Server :
    FieryLunarx – Koroshimo

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Name:
    Rondo Cavalier



    This steed was inspired by the Frost Keep commander himself and possess graze, strength and good-looks. I wanted to create a horse that had epic features but still kept the simple beauty these trusty companions have instead of hiding it away in too much armour. The Rondo Cavalier features elements from Rondo's armour spread across it's body and has the biggest and most beautiful ponytail among all creatures.

    If the rumors are true, The Rondo Cavalier was originally the steed of Cuddlewings. After Rondo's passing, Cuddle decided to honour him by styling her shire horse in his image. The two shared a strong bond and the horse was pleased with it's newfound beauty.
    Then when Rondo was discovered alive, Cuddlewings traveled to Akrat Plains alone to find him and the Rondo Cavalier fell into despair due to neglect. He now roams alone in the icy plains of Parna, neighing for his previous owner or any rider who would be able to truly appreciate his beauty and the power of the ponytail.

    If possible, The Rondo Cavalier will have snowflakes emitting from it's hoofs and body, similar to that of Phantom. ^-^

    Good luck to everyone!
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  • AwzizelunaAwzizeluna
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    IGN: Awzizeluna
    Serwer: Koroshimo
    Mount Type: Dragonling
    Skin Name: Mysterious dragon

    Once upon a time...
    When i was flying in the skies i saw charming dragon.
    He looks wonderfully , skin covered with scales , brave attitude and Loud Roar!!! Make my heart beating faster with joy.
    I started to wonder how he look like in the colors of the night???
    Mysterious , uncontrollable and beautiful at the same time. So i put my vision on paper to make it real , for other people can see it.
    And so it was born Mysterious Dragon.
    Every night he travel around the world. Looking for a rider who will hold his power and together will stand guard the moon and the star.

  • ArjuArju
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    IGN: Arjoena

    Server: Velzeroth

    Familiar Type: Pegasus

    Skin Name: Elder King

    Description: For this concept based on the "Elder King", because I like to run the Elder Bastion run dungeon, then I choose Elder King, because he's iconic, elegant and charismatic, though I know he trapped Rondo, ..but that did not diminish my awe of him .

    Why i choose pegasus? Because most (almost) all players have familiar Pegasus, moreover I also have Awakened Calypto from Spire .. this will look great if it can be implemented into game .. and most people prefer pegasus than for bigger Fam because difficult To maneuver when dealing with enemies.

    For the color selection I adjusted to the armor of the Elder king, the pattern of carving the armor and the crown I also adjust, with the addition of accents like manastone in each leg and tail like peacock feather .. also this is contained in the five parts wing feathers.

    For the visible effect, I hope this can come with a purple aura on his body part .. and a green aura like emerald in the manastone ... like the aura that is on "Armored bear Skin" and also I hope when he will fly .. will sparkling out Light from the legs.

    Feedback or suggestions is always welcome.

    Good luck for everyone ^^
  • DetherviDethervi
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    IGN and Server: Dethervi - Velzeroth
    Name of familiar type: Raptor
    The name of skin: Shadow Claw
    A short description: I decided to design a skin for raptor, because it’s my favourite land familiar and it has only one skin. I prefer dark creatures with not so many bright colours. My raptor has very dark, black skin with many red stripes. It has two big horns on its head and three small horns between the nostrils. It has a row of long, pointy spikes, starting between its horns and ending at the end of its neck. Moreover, the next row of spikes is placed on its tail, along the spine. At the end of the tail it has five slighty curved spikes, which are pararell to the ground at the both sides of the tail. On the back of the limbs the raptor has six slighty curved up horns. All spikes and horns on its body, excluding the one beetwen the nostrils, have a red tip. As a raptor, it has sharp, big claws and fangs. His eyes are red and shining, emiting glow. Black smoke is rising from its whole body. It imitates the idea of his inner darkness growing so strong that it has to get away.

    Full view: http://s5.ifotos.pl/img/raptor-ca_qhrrpnw.png
    Someone tell me that can't see my picture, so I put it on other hostings:
    1. https://image.ibb.co/kJHjUv/raptor_ca_o.png
    2. http://imgur.com/a/JrqEZ


    Thanks for this chance and good luck to everyone! :D

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  • KittyPawsKittyPaws
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    IGN: Cutiepie

    Server: Baellas

    Familiar Type: Raptor

    Skin Name: Blue Jay Bajarn

    Description: I decided to base my design on the heroic Longhorn Bajarn.

    I have always loved the raptor mounts ever since the Skeron I recieved when I first started playing the game and so I decided to create something for them.

    My design is based on the idea that birds have evolved from the dinosaur, so I decided to use the colors of a bird for my skin, I researched different birds and found the blue jay to be my favorite. I love the baby blue, white and the dark markings of the bird's feathers and the tribal feeling it gives to the design. As well as the colors I wanted to add something a little extra to the design to make it special, I went with some blue smoke around its feet, tail, arms and head and glowing jade green eyes. The smoke would be similar to that of the Aethorus legendary skin for the Tolus.

    I wish everyone good luck for the contest, there are some really amazing designs ^^

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  • KurichanKurichan
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    IGN & Server:
    Fluffion - Koroshimo

    Familiar Type:

    Name of Skin:
    Howling Scare (Wolf)

    I always loved to see unique skins like mecha or plushie but it still lacks of more uniqueness in RoI, especially on very commonly species like for example the wolf. Also wolves are cool and good boys!

    For the skin, I was going to go something that is not so "bio-like". Something like a DIY skin made by pure hand skills. While I started to bring out the first draw, it looked like some kind of mix of scarecrow and marionette puppet. And then I finally got what I'm going for my entry. A marionette/scarecrow wolf skin. :)

    There was four colour patterns I hardly can't decide to pick for as a skin but at the end I choose the dark/red one because it looked way more cooler and exotic than the others. I forgot the backview but to be honest - I could just describe the back view that the butt is covered with hay/fur like the tail of a broom stick. That's it!

    I don't think I have much to say... good luck everyone!

  • LilaRozeLilaRoze
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    IGN and Server :
    LilaRoze - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Acient Steed

    A short description of your concept:
    The horse's head is white with emotionless grey eyes and white stripes
    on the front legs. The hooves are green and slightly glowing.The coat
    is dark brown/bay with a hidden panther pattern under it. Its armor is gold
    attached with many feathers and a bit of fur under and above the saddle.
    The big crystals above the neck and the sort of bracelet on the tail should
    be slightly glowing with some additional sparks.^^

    (Gl to everyone else! <3 )
  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    IGN & Server:
    Neoseptem - Akaldus

    Familiar Type:
    Three-headed-dragon (Hydra)

    Skin Name:
    Spirit Chaser

    Originally I had planned to design a skin for Aidus but decided to go for Rodesh instead. Aidus looks already awesome in his current design but not Rodesh (also its flame-effects would have heavily clashed with my idea, granted its only marginally better on Rodesh).
    But if there is any interest in an Aidus skin I can add a pair of wings.
    For the design itself I wanted to create a version which looks kinda organinc but at the same time not. Which is why its scales don't really have a defined texture and are more clean and smooth looking like metal or plastic.
    Same with the head, no real teeth (except for the obvious fangs) but spikes who look like they could be teeth, only one working eye located on its forehead and useless empty eye sockets. And yes, its mouth is empty, no tounge or anything.
    Regarding the crystals on his body I originally had planned for the hexagon markings to glow brigther than the crystals themself. But since I have no idea if it is even possible to implement such an idea i discarded it.

    Full size version


    Good luck to everyone, there are really some awesome designs here <3
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  • MaldoniaMaldonia
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    IGN and Server :
    Radonia - Koroshimo

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Title:
    Corrupted Benthic

    The Benthic is one of the most underrated mounts (no, really, I'd love to see Heroic ones - yeah, one can dream at least). Sadly it can only be found in two versions and these definitely need a cool look. But what is cool? Well, that depends, recently I've read an article about the similarities of feathers, scales and skin of birds and reptiles (in an early embryonic state at least), which proves the link between them. The pictures of the embryonic state just reminded me on the Benthic and triggered that design. So in my book, I would explain it like that:
    Benthics are pretty much loners, they seem to dislike company. Some may have wondered why, in fact Benthics didn't use to roam alone. After years of betrayal the Benthic left everyone behind and ever since flies alone through their days. Being alone forced the darkness into its heart, the constant sorrow made it easy for the chaos to change the once gentle Benthics to go wild. As the Benthic got too close to the source of the chaos engulfing the world, it fell prey to its permanent depression. The loner, who was afraid to get hurt, started to attack more easily, and without a reason. With this Benthic as your ally, your foes will have to worry about much more than just your power as a Rider.


    So many great entries, good luck everyone. It was a nice opportunity to chime in.
  • LeonaWolfQueenLeonaWolfQueen
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    IGN and Server:
    LeonaWolfQueen - Velzeroth
    Familiar type:
    Skin Name: FrozenFlame Griffin

    Descrition: I decided to make a skin for the Griffin as I really amazed by them before having started to play the game but also while leveling I grew to be even more in love with them but I didn't manage to find a skin that fit my likings and that I thought reflected well enough how majestic it looked. A little history behind the skin would be that frozen spirits are made to take form of a Griffin and humans bind them in order to use them in battle, hence the armor in the front part. The glowing cracks in the armor but in the frozen body represent the battle marks of the beast but also the spirit inside the icy carcass. Flowing from it there are a number of blue frozen flames, especially visible at its feet and at the end of it's tails and Wings. I really loved how griffins were so widespread and as you are given one among the main quest anyone could benefit from using it if they so chose to instead of switching to other mounts they find along the way imgur.com/a/c5GQh
  • Dragons174Dragons174
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    IGN and Server ~ IGN Dragons174 , Server Teleo
    Name of familiar type ~ Felldrake
    The name of your skin ~ Parah Naga


    The reason why I chose the Felldrake as my chosen mount is because I wanted to make a skin for a mount that looked strong, the main concept for my idea was to create a wounded dragon as the name states. Parah means wounded in Malay and Naga means dragon in Indonesian. So what I focused on doing was making the skin look beaten up. To make the look I added scars, tattered wings and made one of his spikes on his chin broken. i also added thing to make the sink look more battle ready like the spikes on the legs and the spikes on its tail.

    With the colours I went with this light gray ish teal because its a color that hasn't been used on the Felldrake. Between this colour the other colour I looked at which was gray also looked good but I waned to add something other then just neutral colours. I chose the colour blue for the shards and the spikes on the skins wing because it stand out against the gray and teal nicely. I did want to add a partial effect over the top of my drawn skin, but I didn't want to over lap the picture so much that it made the picture unreadable, What i wanted to add was a visually similar effect to the grim karqyle but change out the red partial effect with orange so the three colours used ( teal, orange and blue) would become split complementary colours.

    The reason why I wanted to make a wounded dragon is because when playing the game I see a lot of familiars fighting one another and I so far haven't come across a heavily wounded familiar even though they fight with other familiars a lot. seeing as dragons are seen strong and tough using the Felldrake as my main structure fit well because it already looked tough on its own.
    I know the Felldrake has 3 other skins other then what you can fined on the main one flying around. The one that made me pick it was the grim karqyle because of its angry looks and its ability to look tough just standing in place. I understand there are many familiars that can do the same thing but picking this one made it easier for me when needing to know if something was the right size because all i needed to do was equip it and look at it in front of me
  • DamnDavidDamnDavid
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    IGN and server
    DamnDavid - Akaldus

    Familiar type

    Name of my Skin
    Infernum Torkai
    (First i wanted to call my Skin Dark Torkai, but another one used this Name for his Skin so i decided to use the Name Infernum Torkai^^)

    Short description of my concept
    First time when I saw this contest i was "wow, omg, i Need to create a torkai Skin" and so I did. From beginnig i knew that i want to use the colour red, because it's my favourite colour^^.
    I know here are so much more talented Players with more creativ Skins so i dont hope that i will be the "super" winner. But anyway i wanna show you my Infernum Torkai, it was much work for me and I dont got enough time for drawing a view from the back, because the last days I was in a hospital (give me pity xd)so i hope it isn't such a big problem^^.

    Torkai coloured and uncoloured, side view

    Torkai coloured and uncoloured, front view (I dont like my front view :p)

    Torkai Rings (without effects and with effects, dark-red lightnings) and leg effects(dark-red fire, i hate btw this legs but i dont got it better^^')

    and now a little bit story^^

    Once there was a circle of much powerful witches and wizards. But they wanted more power.
    One day one wizard found a old lost temple and he could feel the power which was inside. After exploring the temple he found a old parchment with a spell, he couldn't read. The wizard turned back to his circle and together they desiphered the spell, which was their key to more power.
    At midnight in a secret cave the complete circle was gathered and ready to summon Infernum Torkai from hell, a creation of Chaos god Zelnaris.
    But the circle was'nt strong enough so they couldn't keep Infernum Torkai and it escaped in the night.
    Since that day, Infernum Torkai is free and spreats fear and fright.

    I hope you liked that very little story^^

    And i hope my English was understandable and not too bad, lol...

    Special thx to CuddleWings and Zaereh for the Torkai references :3
  • NexzalasNexzalas
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    IGN and Server :
    Nexzalas - Baellas

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Ruin-Armored Karasha

    A short description of your concept:
    Ever since I saw the Poison Matura, Canniphage, and Ice-armored Kerav I've had a fondness for armored familiars (Specifically the big bad ones). Albeit a very rough and rushed entry I propose an armored Karasha skin (Legendary status for obvious reasons), with all the bells and whistles that come with being a fancy skin.

    Simple enough there'd be similar smoking effects on the wings like the effects it has on it's back (Karasha's in-game model), while having the gems and smaller bits in the armor glowing a blue color (Similar to the Karasha armor set which is also in-game, there's a pattern here), as well as having most of the Fins/Horns on the tail, wings, and head being capped off with blades because if Kerav can have 28 spikes on it then Karasha would probably look just as cool with some pointy bits too.

    Although the drawing itself is hastily done and rough at best I'd love to see what the team would/could do with an armored Karasha skin, because boy howdy are armored familiars an amazing idea.

  • AlexendryaAlexendrya
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    IGN: Alexendrya
    Server: Akaldus
    Name of familiar type: Torkai
    The name of your skin: Infernal Torkai


    Torkai’s story began the day when Ellora decided to create him to watch over her sanctuary and its inhabitants. Torkai’s soul was pure and noble until the day when he has been tainted by chaos magic, after that he became violent and savage.
    The day when Torkai has been cured from the grip of black magic was a really sad day; in fact the first person who can beat Pridon Roa and craft the mark to save him was the Devil, also known under the name of Satan.
    Since more than 200 years Satan searches for a faithful and powerful companion.
    Everybody know Torkai’s strength, that why the Devil decided to cure him from his madness.
    Unfortunately for him, Satan doesn’t like the Ellora’s protector’s skin aspect, he decided to craft some other artifacts and use his magic to change it.
    Since this sinister day, the noble Ellora’s protector became Infernal Torkai, the terrible Devil’s companion.



  • JerbJerb
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    IGN: Flebbu
    Server: Baellas
    Type of Skin: Whale
    Name: The Big Squish


    This is Steve, AKA the Big Squish. He originally lived in the ocean where he would hang out with his jellyfish friends all day.
    One day Steve was chillin on the seafloor gathering food and saw a shiny light. He started swimming toward it and wanted to see what was going on.
    Little did he know, there was a pocket of Ellora's energy sealed inside a bubble on the sea floor. Since the bubble looked like every other bubble, Steve ate it.
    A few seconds later, Steve was rising up to the surface of the water and beyond and was able to fly! His jellyfish friends also followed him as they were close enough that they got some special energy too.

    From then on, Steve flew around wherever he wanted to with all his jelly friends circling around him - if you look closely, you can see Jerb, the lazy jellyfish that just decided to stick on Steve's fin. Jerb enjoys being dragged around like a parachute jelly.


    Steve is a whale that has ocean salt crystals on his fins and pink jellyfish that swim around him constantly wherever he goes.
    The jellies stay put and bounce in place when Steve stops swimming, but as soon as he moves, they swim along with him, near his fins and belly.
    One mysterious jellyfish is attached to his back fin. Steve also has a big smile (cause he thinks he's cutes) and Ellora's bubbles are seen floating inside him.

  • MorellitoMorellito
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    Ign: Morellito

    Server: Teleo

    Familiar Type: Rider Dragon/Tekanin

    Skin Name: Mistic Tekanin


    In the depths of Ellora's and after countless failed attempts, finally our Mistic Tekanin was created, endowed with a great speed, attack force and a huge physical defense, will be your ideal companion of adventures to discover together the immensities of the current maps and those who will come in the future.


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  • ThanathosThanathos
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    IGN and Server:

    Name of familiar type:

    Name of skin:
    Ancient Aveon

    Where I first saw the whale, Void Letonsia, I really loved the idea of a flying mount that can transport more than one player.
    But I think the whales look a little too boring. They are made for parties or guilds that want to go on an adventure.
    I thought of some "adventure or pirate topic" and came to the idea that I need to use some natural based materials. The platform for the players is made of wood and it looks like a little ship with a rudder for controlling the whale. For controlling the whale in the right direction, in the dark, he got some glow stones and lanterns that light the way.
    The Adventurer that tamed the whale, was the first of all. He found it in the near of a sea, where the whale got born in. Even if the whales can fly, they got some memories at their old home from the seaweed, moss and stones at their back, before million of years.

    The yellow arrow shows the moving direction of the moving glowing.




    Bigger and more detailed view from the side at the player platform:
  • MysticMystic
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    IGN - Mystic
    Server - Baellas
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for - Torkai
    The name of your skin - Steampunk torkai
    Your concept artwork/sketch - WIP (I've been sick so am not sure if I'll get all my drawings / sketches done and up here before the thread gets locked down)

    Colored Sketches

    A short description of your concept -
    A Torkai constructed from cogs wheels, metal, mesh, industrial items in steampunk style pretty much sums it up. I wanted the mount to look like its been built from various junk laying around after the war between light and dark. I also had the idea of it being summoned or created from the remnants of the war to aid in our battle plus its always good to recycle / upcycle items both ingame and in RL ;) . I really like steampunk style and would like to see it ingame. AND YES I wanted my Torkai to have a TOP HAT !!! LMAO

    edit- special effects - should be electricity / yellow lightning around it (kinda hard to put in when using pencils)

    Additional Notes - All the cogs / wheels should all be different metal colors, shades of silver, bronze, pewter, gold etc (but I don't have enough different color pencils to make it work) The colored pictures are to give an idea of the color scheme I went for. The green sphere jewels / energy tubes/ crystal spikes should glow green/ sparkle. The tail is composed of gold / silver feathers
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