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How to BEAT the RNG of Tempering, Sort of, Not Rly

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If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're feeling the frustration of wasting countless Elluns and countless Tempering Stones when it comes time for you to upgrade that new shiny Exalted gear.

Heres how you can save Elluns and Tempering stones when upgrading your gear!

Disclaimer: Just to clarify, this is in no way to say that this guide will work or not, in any respect. This guide is simply to help you waste less resources and hopefully save you some Elluns.

Step 1: OBTAIN as many buffs as possible.
Like many of the RNG features in this game, there are charms, talismans and pots which increases your chance of successful tempering in this game. Below are the ones you should try to get your hands on.

1) Tempering Charm from the Spire vendor. Requires 30 Challenger Coins (which you obtain from completing floors in Ellora's Spire). Also a random drop in the spire. Lasts 7hrs.
2) Special Tempering Talisman. Acquired through Lucky Boxes, Auction House (Market) using gold and thru direct NX purchases in the Ellora's Shop. These last anywhere between 14 Days to 30 days depending on the flavor you choose.
3) Tempering Potion. Purchased from the Ellora's shop using 3 Elluns (which is fairly cheap). Lasts only 10 mins so make it count!
4) Alchemist Jewelry Set. Obtained via drops from the Raid Dungeon Fractura (which can only be accessed in the mid lvl 50's). Make sure you get all 3, Alchemist Necklace, Ring of Wisdom, Ring of Strength.
5) Special NEXON events: for example, right now, TIME OF GROWTH which adds another 30%. This one is inconsistent as it really depends on when NEXON runs these types of extended events. (Personally, this should just become a permanent fixture with higher %'s or just simply fix the RNG).

Now all these buffs apply ONLY to non-% tempering stones. If you are using 30%/40%/50%/Blessed Stones, none of these buffs affect your tempering chances.

Step 2: GATHER A LOT of Tempering Stones. I mean A LOT. If you're stuck having to buy them, then I would suggest running some more dungs/raids and and save as many 150+ temp stones as possible. Fractura, World Bosses, and Elder's Bastion tend to drop higher lvl stones consistently. Other places to farm are the Merumi solo dungeon next to Elder's Bastion and Fishing at The Sea of Hakanas.

Step 3: CLENCH your Buttcheeks and temper away!
Assuming you've tried to max out your tempering buffs and gathered a bunch of stones, now its time to start tempering! Please be aware that despite all the preparations you have made, its still VERY LIKELY you will fail a bunch of times in a row. Hopefully, its just not as much as before...

When tempering EXALTED gear from 0-11, use the lowest grade stones possible to get to +11. Once you hit +11, start swapping over to your 150+ stones and at +12/+13 swap over to 165's and 170's in order to minimize heartbreaks and headaches (although they will probably still happen). Again, this is not guaranteed to give you a bunch of successful tempers in a row. If you have luck like mine, you'll probably still burn through 20-40 stones before reaching +15. This step can be accomplished without having to use ANYEllun protection, just a ton of stones.

At +15, start using Ellun insurance. If you do not use Elluns to prevent de-ranking, there's a high chance of failing and dropping 2 tempering levels..yes 2. This is also a good time to swap over to % tempering stones (while still using Ellun protection). Reasonably, you can probably get away tempering to +17 using 170 stones but after that I wouldn't count on many successes.

Step 4: CRY at how much this entire endeavor has cost you. If you were lucky and managed to get to +15 or +17 without too many failures, congrats! Consider yourself one of the lucky few! If you're like me, your eyes are probably filled with tears and your blood pressure has risen to some all time highs. Get up, cool off and avoid trying to smash your computer equipment. *Remember, your computer isn't responsible for this frustration.

Annnd there you have it! Tempering guide in a nutshell! Satisfaction not guaranteed!

Now about refining...don't.



  • yvadimyvadim
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    edited August 1, 2017
    jews addon anyone? my personal opinion is don't go over 2 now
  • xy44xy44
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    edited August 5, 2017
    ha!.. this about sums is up good enough.. I know your pain!. I Fell ya

    i read somewhere wonce... that a guy worked out the cost of upgrading the game to "enjoy mode" actually costs 300Euros Per items peice to fully upgrade.. - that does not include the price of refineing too..
  • WeedGurlWeedGurl
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    edited August 9, 2017
    tempering exalted costs too much real money and I am poor. this game is only for wealthy people.
  • yvadimyvadim
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    edited August 12, 2017
    tried this after the last maintenance. Using 170s after +13 with all buffs other than temper talisman detempered to +9. Guess this is fixed now =)
    I was able to get to +15 before the last maintenance using 140-150s only. Basically I've spent 220-240 stones (140+) and couldn't get past +13 now on multiple items.
  • RudiRudi
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    edited August 14, 2017
    Tempering as it is and what descriptions you have is now joke. As a lot of people also wrote here before.
    Its not about stones, that max 170 stone almost can't temper best item now (Elder) with all available buff to +20.
    Its about naming "chance" of tempering. What it mean chance "Very high, high, normal, low, very low"? Please somebody tell me in percentage.
    Because if you temper something with 110 stone lets say from +8 to +9, its normal chance. Same chance is with 170 stone. Its any difference between these stones? Both can fail still 10 times in row. This is "normal" chance like they called it?
    With "high" chance you can clearly see a big difference then to a "normal" chance, but still sucks. If you have "very high" chance and temper armor/weapon, for me its maybe 80-90% success.

    Another story is tempering jewelry. I failed 15x in row with "very high" chance. It cant be same chance as for armor/weapon for sure. Or is it? Can somebody tell me please all these "named chance" in %. Please.

    Maybe i have mine table as i see this.
    Very high - around 90%
    High - around 75%
    Normal - around 30%
    Low - around 15%
    Very low - didnt temper on this chance too much, or is not sufficient sample to judge.

    Very high - sometimes fail 10-15x in row, sometimes 3x succes in row, so maybe difference between level of tempering but only didnt't change naming?? - but in average around 40%
    High - around 30%
    Normal - around 15%
    Low - didnt temper
    Very low - didnt temper
  • daenidaeni
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    edited August 14, 2017
    i feel you've hit it right on with these figures. Sad to say with the percentages around these it just shows how messed up the system really is.

    That and with the lack of better tempering stones for the higher levels i see beyond 15, well it doesn't get any better and seeing people risking it by tempering...idk how they do it or even get it done, not to mention the cost.

    The amount of refining stones and elluns they must use to stop de-ranking is ridiculous and Nexon ought to be ashamed in asking that we waste both the resources and time on this stupid system.
  • RudiRudi
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    edited August 15, 2017
    With this systems and cost of elluns for tempering and the chance what i wrote above, every try from +14 cost around 300-400g. With chance maybe ~30%. (on AH is 30/40 elluns fro 400-500g). With this count every +1 cost around 1k+ gold. After +20 you have to use +30/40/50% tempering stone obtained from familiar adventures, which you know the % and are maybe same % success as the "normal" chance. Or you have to use blessed stones. Temper with low or very low chance i dont recommend.

    In sum from +14 to +25 cost 1 item only for tempering around 12-15k if you temper with regular and % stones or more if you use some blessed stones. Of course could be less or higher - it depends again to random as usually.

    (Only note: for +14 - 25 mine average use of elluns is 800, mine weapon cost me 1300 elluns to get to +25)
  • AgaresAgares
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    edited October 12, 2017
    I hate tempering with a passion. It's not even the insanely low chance of success that really bothers me the most , its the horrible time sink it is. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE spending 10-30 min going through the oh so intellectually stimulating mechanics involved with tempering, that :click: :click: fail :click: click: fail, click click fail, click click success, click click fail.... but could you guys please just give us an auto temper function and be done with it; let us pick [x] amount of tries to attempt, and/or stop when it gets to [x] level, then Auto temper away.
  • W00H00TW00H00T
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    edited October 12, 2017
    I'd prefer if they just got rid of the current system and redid it with A LOT more transparency (% of tempering chance #1 needed thing).
    There's nothing fun nor satisfying about it. Even after wasting a ton of time and resources, I don't feel accomplished.
    I feel cheated.
  • RudiRudi
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    edited October 16, 2017
    I think all tempering is cheat on players and they know it.
    For example im now talking about tempering stones (30%, hallowed 50%). On these stone is written exactly tempering chance and that cannot be changed success chance, so must be as it is written.

    friend got 13x 50% hallowed stone and guess what... 12/13 failed. Its really 50%? I got 7x 50% and ALL failed. REALLY? 50%???? !!!!
    This goes completely against possible statistics or written % is FAKE.

    Same result have with 30% tempering stone... 15 tries, 1!!!!! success. So thats their written %.

    So i never trust nexon even if somewhere is writtten some chance. They play with us horrible game. Want our money but cheated on us.