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npc Katshu, use cataclysmic pots on chaos reindeer

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on sanctuary map midway between sunderlight & elino NPC katshu (ghesuntight) wants me to use the cataclysmic potions i get from a previous quest on the chaos reindeer after i have stunned them

i have the pots, i stun the deer, then game msg says 'you cannot use this item' - i have tried from inventory, from q-slot in action & standard modes & i'm out of ideas

anyone have a clue they can give me? thanks in advance ^^


  • daenidaeni
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    Yeah, it's almost impossible to do this if you're using Action mode, have to switch to standard. If you remember how you did the garlic quest way back, it's the same. Try clicking on it on the quest menu on the right side can work too.

    For some reason i had issues with it with any character i had that used action. Just keep trying, it does work eventually.
  • DatZebraDatZebra
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    thanks daeni - i did try standard mode, but i'll mess with it a while - i never finished the garlic quest either tho (got 3 of the 10) because i could never figure out how how i even did those 3 - & i never had even uses standard mode at that point - so i'll prolly end up cancelling this quest too XD
  • RuniRuni
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    i had no problem doing it in action modus. Sometimes you just have to know how you do it in action mode ;-) (btw hold ALT and you get the mouse like you are in standard mode and you can click what ever you want, then release ALT and you are back without changing to standard mode! )
    About the reindeers as far as i remember, they have to be low HP to be "stunned" and than you can throw the potion. So first hit them a little bit till they have low Health than throw potion (if you stun them with your skills, it doesnt count ;-) )

    with the garlic quest its the same, you have to throw it in the right moment(when they charge the right skill i think something with bloodsucker or so. ), and you can put the items on your skillbar so you can use them like you use skills.