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Level 70 etc

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Great game evolving alive, can't wait to see in real :) (Riders-of-Icarus-KR-Version-30)

"1. The class selection UI has changed
The developer WeMade has redesigned the UI in class selection, adding new class animations. It’s more visually appealing now.
2. Conversation with NPC has a new UI
When talking to the NPC, it turns to the first-person perspective.
3. Revamped new player experience
2 starting areas are overhauled and expanded. They are larger and more beautiful now.
4. New raid

5. Second awakening
Players can proceed the second awakening at level 70"

And for us 60 ;)


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    Sorry to say Neriux but all this is only in KR-Version, our Version look in future terrible vs. Original, my expectations are deep-black :'(