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Second Entry to Paradise Island

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it is stated and also supposed to be, that people can enter paradise Island two times a day.
Now the daily only shows up once, how is the entry voucher obtained then?


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    I'm guessing that it will be like Ienos and Ma'art! You only have one daily quest to enter and we'll be able to purchase additional entry passes through Ellora's Shop in the future.
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    By experience, from the lairs and other dungeons, I can say that in a 24hr period you are able to enter twice into it. However, a simple system of just going in as desired 2 times a day without time limitations, I have no information about it as of this moment but, the option to fish another entry to Paradise Island while fishing in it (rare drop)!

    As I get more information about it, I will post it or the CM under official "News and Announcements".

    Have a nice day, Riders!
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    It's very simple, your pass to enter the dungeon lasts 12 hours, in case you deliver the mission at 03:30 UTC, and do not enter before turning the day, you will still have your pass, and the daily mission will have returned, thus being able to take 2 passes, what are these 2 entries ...

    that is, you can enter twice so that you can use the previous day's pass if you have not used it.